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AirDeck allows you to virtually walk anyone through any presentation or document with voice and video. Create professional content in seconds, with the flexibility of video and the ease of editing slides. AirDeck gives you the power to narrate, personalize, and track your content, all in one powerful platform.

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AirDeck Narrated Presentation Platform Benefits

Easy Personalization

Personalize every presentation for your viewer in seconds. Quickly duplicate and customize select slides to provide a truly personalized presentation.

Embed and Share

Add your creations to your website, blog, or landing page. Toggle social sharing, or lock it all down with password protection.

No Missed Demo Times

No missed demo times, no live webinars needed. Create custom demos and webinars in minutes. Let your viewers see your presentation and webinars when it’s convenient for them.

Viewer Tracking

Instantly know who’s viewing your presentations and from which geographic location they’re being accessed. Track every view of every slide the second they’re seen.

Record Slides One by One

Discover the convenience of recording each slide individually until you get it just the way you like it. No need to record your entire presentation all in one shot.

Upload Audio and Video

Already have audio or video files for your presentation? Upload your file to each slide.

Share with No Bounces

Eliminate sending big PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote email attachments that get stuck in your outbox. Send a personalized online presentation instead.

Secure Documents

Quickly lock your presentations and documents with a password.

Real-time Chat

Connect with your presentation viewers using real-time chat functions, as well as custom surveys to keep them engaged.

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Build audio or video narrated presentations that you can share with anyone. Check out this presentation to get a sample of what you can do yourself using AirDeck.

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