3 Tools to Help You Work With PDFs Online

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Find a list of three excellent tools to help you work with PDFs in the browser without needing to download software or work with apps.

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PDFs can be tricky to edit. And don’t even get us started with the hassle it takes to convert or reformat your PDF into another file type. Worse yet, in some cases, you may be forced to reformat and interact with PDFs in software living on your computer that doesn’t always make it easy to use or simple to actually get work done.

To address that, several companies have come up with ways to help you work with PDFs online. And although some of those services work better than others, their aim is the same: to give you an alternative to Adobe Acrobat and give you the opportunity to work with your PDFs in the browser without needing to download software or otherwise work with apps you may find to be too difficult to use.

Read on to learn more about handy online PDF editors and how you can work with your PDFs in the browser:


Sejda is one of the easiest ways to work with PDFs online. It comes with a simple interface, where you can quickly upload PDFs and perform a host of tasks, including the ability to add text and images to your PDFs, change file formats, and more. Better yet, you can also count on Sejda to create fillable PDF forms and annotate PDF pages as you see fit. And since it’s free to use, you don’t need to lay out any cash to create your PDFs and work with it the way you want.

Learn more about Sejda here.


Smallpdf allows you to edit and add text to your PDF files, along with features that allow for e-signing, highlighting, comments, and image content. You may also choose to convert your PDF file to Word and Powerpoint files and merge multiple PDF files into one file. And since Smallpdf features an online repository, you can easily store your PDFs in the cloud where you can access them at a later date. Of course, Smallpdf also lets you export and share your PDFs elsewhere. Smallpdf offers a free version, though if you want offline editing, opt for the paid version.

Learn more about Smallpdf here.


PDFescape is a simple editor that allows you to work from current and past PDF content free through the online version. PDFescape supports annotation, of course, and if you want to add pages or content to the document, PDFescape is for you. Add that to its support for freehand notes and clickable URL support, and it’s a nice tool to use. Be aware, however, that PDFescape limits file sizes to 10MB, so if you have a big file, PDFescape may not be the best option.

Learn more about PDFescape here.


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