3 Ways Top Leaders Can Succeed with Document Communication

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Adam Grant, organizational psychologist and bestselling author, said that the most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed. As a leader of your team, how are you in service to your employees and fellow co-workers? How do you put the interests of your team first? 

We understand that leadership comes with many challenges. Forbes surveyed their leading executives and entrepreneurs and found that two of the top challenges executives face are time constraints and challenges around leading a team.

At AirDeck, we aim to help you with those challenges and in turn, empower you to provide solutions to your team to help them succeed. Time is the most valuable resource you can’t get more of. That’s why we help you conserve it. We also know the importance of cultivating connection while communicating in a way that educates, empowers, and entertains. So, our goal is to help you with that as well. 

Here are the top ways AirDeck empowers you to help your team succeed. After all, your team’s success is yours too.

Add more value: Personalize at scale

Think of all the documents your team sends to customers. What if they could add clarity with audio or video, personalize to each viewer, and easily repurpose for other uses? With AirDeck, you can quickly edit and repurpose repeatable presentations and documents without losing impact. This allows you to reduce the time spent creating and recreating presentations. It also gives your team more time to do all of their critical tasks which translates to more revenue.

Ray from a prominent health insurance company explained how his team personalizes their documents. He stated, “One use case of ours includes a rep recording an intro to each small group document. This allows the customer to see their rep, and helps the rep start to build a relationship and introduce content. It’s a great way to put a personality to your content and build a relationship with your clients.”

Another way to help your team stand out with their customers is to provide personalized and engaging content when onboarding. Hunter from an IT services tech company shared an example of how his team uses AirDeck for just that. He explained, “We use AirDeck to help our customer implementation/onboarding team scale. Right now, every customer is getting a world-class experience right out of the gate with AirDeck.”

Efficiency: Give your team the gift of time

As you know, time is an invaluable resource. Your job as a leader is to help your teams provide the best possible customer experience in the most efficient way. With AirDeck, personalization doesn’t have to come at the cost of your team’s time. Because you can upload existing audio files, or record directly to each slide, it’s quick and easy to fix a mistake, make an edit, update a link, etc. Clay from a large IT services tech company explained, “Being able to go through each slide separately to cut and re-record as needed so I can make my document as perfect as I want, is so nice. It saves me time to not have to re-record the entire thing and just do it per slide.”

AirDeck not only saves you time personalizing documents, but also helps eliminate the need for a meeting. Are there repeatable check-ins, updates, or unnecessary meetings littering your team’s calendars? Nothing saps an employee’s energy like a day chock-full of meetings with no time to breathe. AirDeck allows you to explain your document or presentation to provide clarity while also eliminating the need for a meeting. This gives your team or customer the opportunity to review the document or presentation on their time. AirDecks work great to eliminate internal or external meetings as customers also value the time savings. 

But, if you need to have a meeting, make it as efficient as possible. Send your deck in advance with audio or video to walk through key points, set expectations, and pose questions. During your meeting, facilitate connection with a conversation instead of wasting precious time walking your audience through your deck.

Powerful analytics: Create content that moves people

How do you keep your team engaged and empower them to keep their customers engaged? It’s about communicating in a way that resonates. We know that adding audio content to a static image can drive 5 times more engagement, while combining video can drive up to 80% more engagement.

With AirDeck, listeners can see your face, hear your voice, and the story you tell with your document or presentation. But what if what you say just doesn’t land?

AirDeck provides analytics so you can track how your audience engages with your content in real time. You can see:

  • When they opened the presentation
  • How many times have they viewed it
  • Which slides they considered the most and which they skipped
  • Which links they clicked on

With these powerful insights, you can make informed decisions to tweak and sculpt your presentation. Then, follow up your document with thoughtful questions based on those analytics. 

Miles with a consulting company discussed the value of this feedback. He explained, “With Vidyard, I can see that someone started the video but I can’t see where they dropped off. When I use AirDeck, I can see where a customer dropped off or what slides they skipped. This helps me modify my presentation to only include the parts my customers are interested in.”

Help your team stand out and drive engagement in the most efficient way

Help your team to stand out and communicate in a new way that moves their audience. A document communication platform like AirDeck gives your team hours back in their day while giving their customers a personalized and effective experience. Help your team succeed by creating legendary documents that educate, empower, and entertain. Request your demo.

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