4 of the Best Free Online Presentation Tools

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Find a list of ten best free online presentation tools. These services will help you set up your presentation for success – for free!

It’s no secret that presentation tools are everywhere. And although they all promise to deliver outstanding performance, choosing one isn’t so simple. Still, the choice is important: the presentation tool you use determines how your presentation looks, how it functions, and how your audience responds to it.

But rather than waste time combing through online reviews or seeking out different options, just read on. We’ve crafted the following list of the best free online presentation tools. With snappy presentation templates to narration capabilities, the following services will set up your presentation for success.

Read on to learn more:

Google Slides

Available free through your Google account, Google Slides lets you create presentations with format capabilities similar to PowerPoint. The service comes with a host of template and graphics options, as well as the ability to add images, animations, audio, and GIFs. You can add those elements via a file upload or URL, which makes sharing Web content easy. Google Slides works on both mobile and the desktop and features sharing capabilities designed to make it easy for you to collaborate with others. Indeed, if you’re looking for a simple but full-featured presentation option, Google Slides is a winner.


Prezi is another popular presentation option that makes it easy to animate your content. The service, which is available for free but comes with a paid version, offers several template options if you don’t want to start from scratch on your own. Once you start working on the presentation, you can use Prezi’s animation effects to jump around from one section to another. Additionally, you can use Prezi to add imagery and other graphical elements to your presentation, and since it lives in the cloud, you can quickly make changes and edits from any device. Be aware, however, that if you want offline download options, you’ll need to opt for a paid plan.


Canva is an extensive free software that allows editing for presentations, blogs, and business needs. Canva offers a host of customizable templates and graphic options, including the ability to add videos, music, animations, GIFs, images, and third-party content to presentations.  If you need premium resources or want some professional help with your content, you can also opt for a paid Canva subscription, which unleashes more powerful features. Still, out of the box, Canva has plenty to offer for presentation makers.


Regardless of whether you start building your presentation in another tool or you opt to start from scratch, AirDeck is a great way to create dynamic and easily trackable presentations. With the option to add audio narration from professional voice-over actors and graphic designers on the ready to help you refine your presentation, AirDeck is a great way to get a leg up on presentations. Additionally, AirDeck sorts and duplicates your slides to your needs with easy navigation and lets you embed a video directly into your show. You can even use AirDeck to video record yourself and narrate your slides. Sharing and collaborating with others is at the core of the AirDeck experience, and with advanced analytics and immediate reports, you can use AirDeck to see who views your presentations — and when. Best of all, AirDeck works with Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDFs, so even if you start elsewhere, you can always take your presentation to the next level inside AirDeck.

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