5 Creative Ways to Level-Up Your Marketing Through AirDeck

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As industries become more crowded and competitors amp up their efforts, it’s getting harder to stand out from the pack. To be a top player, you need to remain agile and deliver content that can delight your audience and keep them coming back for more.

This is even more challenging now that teams can no longer rely on guaranteed face-to-face time to get creative. You need modern ways to spread your message with content that’s powerful enough to speak for itself.

That’s where AirDeck can be your ally.

1. Supplement Your Website’s Content

Bill Gates said that “content is king” in 1996, but it still rings true today—maybe even more so.

Not all content is considered equal in the eyes of viewers, and one of marketers’ biggest fears is having audiences get bored and click away from their content.

AirDeck helps you create content that’s interactive to keep viewers engaged while they’re checking out your website. By enhancing your content with voice and video narration, you can communicate with your audience in a way that you simply can’t with just email or basic PowerPoint.

This adds an extra punch to your website content, keeping viewers viewing and, ultimately, strengthening your connection with your target audiences.

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2. Pitch New Creative

At this point, we all know that the key to winning viewers’ attention is to give them content that’s personalized. And personalized content isn’t just about what’s on your website—it’s about what’s in your pitches, too.

With AirDeck, you can carefully curate pitches to deliver presentations that are tailor-made for your target audiences. This kind of personalization is critical in modern marketing—and AirDeck’s software helps you master it.

Typically, manipulating your content to achieve this level of personalization takes time. You need to reformat some things, delete others, re-record and upload audio, edit video, etc. It’s laborious and time-consuming.

AirDeck’s software was built to streamline personalization, allowing you to easily duplicate and personalize pitches, so you can better pitch new creative.

3. Boost Internal Messaging

Say it with us: Fewer meetings. More results.

That’s the goal, isn’t it? But with less face-to-face time and more Zoom meetings, all of those extra digital touchpoints are eating up your time—and your productivity.

AirDeck helps you give internal messaging a boost, enabling you to cut out redundant meetings and long, back-and-forth email chains, so you can spend more time delivering communication that yields results.

From onboarding to training to delivering company-wide updates, you can use AirDeck to create narrated presentations that guide viewers to get a crystal-clear understanding of your messaging. Tracking analytics, meanwhile, help you improve your internal messaging by seeing who engages with what and what needs more attention.

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4. Up Your LinkedIn Game

Inside and outside your company, AirDeck helps you improve communication to get the results you want. If leveling-up your LinkedIn presence is a priority, AirDeck is a prime tool to help you get there.

LinkedIn is all about thought leadership. To establish your presence as a thought leader, you need to share content that’s compelling and valuable for viewers.

Personalized content that’s interactive and layered with voice and video narration is the secret sauce for engaging viewers—and AirDeck empowers you to build this kind of online content faster than you ever could before.

Effortlessly customize each PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote file by swapping out individual slides and adding new audio or video as needed. Then, share it in a pinch on your LinkedIn profile with a single link.

It’s this kind of fresh content that will help you attract new followers and become a pack leader on LinkedIn.

5. Transform Your PR

Every time your company makes a presentation, it leaves a mark on your audience’s memory.

AirDeck helps you create presentations that deliver the exact messaging you want for each key audience.

Have a big meeting coming up? People often request that you share your slide deck ahead of time. Using AirDeck to create a narrated presentation means you don’t have to leave anything up to interpretation and you get to deliver the exact message you want, even before the meeting starts.

Narrated presentations also mean you can add personality to your content by inviting multiple team members to record audio. Adding diversity to narrated slide decks packs a more powerful punch than bland PowerPoints, which wows audiences who aren’t used to getting this kind of personalized content from other companies.

Marketing is all about creating content that people actually want to see. And AirDeck helps you get there with interactive communication that resonates.

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