5 Ways HR Pros are Using AirDeck

5 Ways HR Pros are Using AirDeck

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AirDeck is a top-shelf tool for sales teams and product managers—but HR pros are also getting in on the action.

Onboarding, training, delivering company-wide updates—HR pros have a lot on their plate. Their responsibilities have always been challenging, but in all-remote or hybrid offices, those challenges are compounded.

To seamlessly connect team members no matter where they may be and effectively share company missions and messages, HR pros are finding value in building narrated slides with AirDeck.

1. Onboarding

Onboarding is a lengthy, multistep process—and usually an arduous one. Teams have gotten used to showing up to Zoom meetings, but for HR pros, this means presenting the same information and answering the same questions ad nauseum.

AirDeck lets them shift that focus.

Instead of wasting time giving the same presentation multiple times a day, you can just create one comprehensive presentation and then share the link to each new team member who needs it. This means you can walk new team members through employee benefits, payroll, and company policies without having to coordinate long calls or meetings each time.

Plus, AirDeck’s narrated slides mean you can take advantage of streamlined presentations without sacrificing the personal touch that’s a key part of HR’s handiwork.

Create pre-recorded employee onboarding guides. Then easily customize select slides to welcome each new person and make them feel like you made the presentation just for them.

2. Training

Like onboarding documents, training processes can also benefit from an AirDeck twist.

HR pros can rapidly create new training materials to keep teams up to date with new products, policies, and tools—without clogging everyone’s calendars with hours-long training sessions.

Instead, online training guides with narrated slides and built-in surveys guide viewers to get a clear understanding of new content. Audio/video narration is a particular boon for helping walk team members through a difficult document or process.

Rather than interrupting workflows for a flurry of meetings, team members can watch these online training guides when it best suits them, so their time isn’t wasted and neither is yours.

3. Job Application Process

An HR pro’s responsibilities are vast—and they extend even beyond a company’s full-time employees. Besides onboarding and training processes, AirDeck can also be a unique tool for helping HR teams manage complex job application processes.

For example, one AirDeck advocate, The QTI Group, uses AirDeck to aid their job application process by having potential hires watch a video detailing their company handbook.

Including information like company missions, policies, and other need-to-knows, a succinct, comprehensive, and compelling presentation created in AirDeck can help companies deliver their key messages to prospective hires in a way that’s convenient for both of them: Each party can present or watch on their own time—freeing up space in one-on-one meetings to skip the basics and talk through more meaningful interview topics.

4. Tracking Analytics

For HR teams, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of everything that’s going on within the company. How are employees feeling? What information are they missing? Where do they need support?

To stay in the know and be best positioned to help, HR pros are turning to AirDeck’s tracking analytics feature for a helping hand.

Tracking analytics are particularly helpful for training and onboarding presentations.

With slide-by-slide analytics delivered in real time, you can help improve your company’s internal messaging by seeing who engages with what, which slides get the most view time, which the least, which content needs more attention, etc.

It’s these unique insights that help turn HR pros from well-meaning sidekicks to insightful partners who have the tools and knowledge to best support their teams.

5. Company-Wide Updates

Working in HR means staying connected with the entire team—from one-on-one sessions to larger, company-wide meetings. AirDeck offers a new way to effortlessly update all employees on company messages in a way that’s efficient but still personal.

For example, for companies who host weekly update meetings, AirDeck is a more impactful alternative to note-taking. Instead of just sending out minutes, use AirDeck narrated slides to summarize the main takeaways and highlight wins and successes. It’s the easiest way to keep all team members connected and on the same page.

HR teams can also take advantage of AirDeck’s interactive features to deliver company-wide voice-recorded updates. Audio/video narration adds a level of communication that you just can’t get with email—key for helping HR pros foster and strengthen employee ties.

HR pros have their hands full keeping company ecosystems in balance. Turning to AirDeck gives them a hand.

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