6 AirDeck Value Drivers To Help You Get Your CFO’s Stamp Of Approval

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This blog discusses six value drivers that can help you convince your CFO to approve the use of AirDeck. The six value drivers are as follows:

  • Supports the ability to scale.
  • Avoid scheduling unnecessary meetings.
  • Reduce time to value.
  • Drive team and customer alignment.
  • Improve executive engagement.
  • Have more engaged conversations with the power of analytics.

AirDeck offers various payment plans suitable for organizations of all sizes, including a free starter plan and an affordable pro plan for small teams.

The CFO stamp of approval is not easy to get, especially in the current economic climate. So, how do you show your CFO that AirDeck is an essential part of your tech stack? We’ll walk through six value drivers to help get your CFO on board with insights from ClientSuccess Chief Customer Officer, Kristi Faltorusso. She recently included AirDeck in her tech tool box and discusses the reasons why her team needed the platform. Check out the full webinar on how she leverages AirDeck to enhance her onboarding process. Let’s dive in!

Supports ability to scale

Many teams are leaner now than they used to be, which means they have to do more with less. It’s important to articulate to your CFO that AirDeck is a tool that allows your smaller teams to have a greater impact without doing more work. AirDeck allows you to personalize and scale any type of content in minutes. For example, create one, high-quality presentation. Then, use AirDeck’s slide-by-slide editing option, to easily keep your standard content in place but swap out a few select slides to make the presentation a unique fit for each customer. Finally, record new audio or video narration where needed (like the intro and conclusion). 

Kristi Faltorusso, shared, “I like to make it easy for my team, so I have one template and then give them the flexibility to change specific elements without needing to change the whole thing. That personalization really resonates well and changes how our customers receive it.”

Avoid scheduling unnecessary meetings

An important benefit to AirDeck is the fact that it allows you to communicate asynchronously. In today’s world, everyone wants flexibility in regards to how and when they communicate. Plus, if you can avoid scheduling yet another meeting or coordinating calendars across multiple time zones, even better. Time saved for your team and your customers translates to a financial savings as well. In fact, a recent study estimated that companies could save $25,000 per employee per year by eliminating unnecessary meetings. 

“AirDeck allows us to keep things moving asynchronously instead of coordinating timelines for meetings that are almost impossible. Our customers really love the optionality that this provides because we don’t necessarily have to have the meeting,” said Kristi. 

Reduce time to value

If a product can reduce the time it takes for a customer to realize the value in your product, it’s a huge selling point to your CFO. AirDeck helps your team move customers faster and further with asynchronous communication. You don’t have to wait to get everyone in a meeting to keep a deal moving or to continue the onboarding process. AirDeck allows you to send a document or presentation without leaving anything up to interpretation. Your customer can get all the context through your voiceover and best of all, they can view it when it’s most convenient for them. 

“I don’t know a company out there who isn’t paying attention to how long onboarding takes and quickly getting to that time to value. AirDeck actually allows us to move quicker through that onboarding process. We’re not getting held up on those meetings. If a customer can’t come to a meeting, we just send a pre-recorded version of the deck. So, the customer has that context and in the next meeting, we can answer questions and then hop into the next topic. It’s critical to keeping us on time and keeping that pace of onboarding,” explained Kristi.

Drive team and customer alignment

With remote work and employees and customers working across different time zones, it’s difficult to get everyone on the same page. Not everyone can make every meeting and oftentimes your team or customer doesn’t have the time to listen to a recorded meeting or read a long email recap. With AirDeck, you can send a post-meeting document that highlights progress and next steps with a voiceover to add clarity and context. This ensures team and customer alignment at every step.

At ClientSuccess, Kristi sends a customized one-pager post onboarding session to highlight the progress the customer has made. “This was a very dry email that lacked engagement. I don’t even know if the executives read it. We transformed it from this flat email to a piece with a contextual narrative that says how we’re advancing through this formal program. The design remains the same, and we make some edits to the voiceover narrative. I know our executives are looking at it because when there is an uncompleted status, they follow-up,” elaborated Kristi.

“I can’t stress this enough. Whether it’s with my customer or my team, I always want to make sure that we’re all on the same page. We use AirDeck to drive alignment across the whole onboarding process. There are also tremendous opportunities throughout the entire customer lifecycle and journey to continue to drive alignment,” Kristi added.

Improve executive engagement

If you want your CFO to approve a new product, make it easier for them to do so. Don’t make them hop on another meeting or sit through another product demo. AirDeck actually helps alleviate this hurdle for you and when you need to get in front of stakeholders at other companies. AirDeck allows you to add clarity to your presentation with audio or video, and send it asynchronously so decision makers can watch on their own time or share it with other necessary parties. This saves everyone time and can often lead to a faster decision.

Kristi explained, “I no longer require people to do what they don’t want to do, which is hop on another Zoom for 30 minutes with a vendor. AirDeck allows you to be thoughtful and courteous and enhance their experience.”

Have more engaged conversations with the power of analytics 

Your CFO loves data, especially data that can help you improve the customer experience. With AirDeck, you can start to have better customer conversations because you will have insight on how they engaged with your content. For example, once you share your document asynchronously, you can track your slide-by-slide analytics to see how your message resonated. You will know when they opened your presentation, how many times they viewed it, which slides they skipped, and which they viewed the most. With AirDeck’s slide-by-slide analytics, you can follow-up with those who didn’t view your deck and have more effective conversations.

Kristi shared how AirDeck’s analytics help her team come more prepared to their partnership kick-off meeting. “The ability to review analytics helps us come into this conversation better prepared because we know who’s watched it. Now, I’m having a personalized dialogue because I know who saw and who didn’t. I make sure important points resonate and we use the time effectively. We no longer spend a lot of time on items they’ve seen. We can sometimes skip right to goals and that’s where the meat of the conversation is anyway.”

Drive success across your organization

These six value drivers should help you show your CFO how AirDeck can help you maximize efficiency, enhance collaboration, and ultimately drive success across your organization. AirDeck’s payment plans provide a perfect fit for every size of organization. Try our starter plan for free or move up to our pro plan for small teams for under $30 a month. Choose a plan that’s best for you and start turning your documents into engaging experiences.

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