AirDeck Goes Beyond Sales: 5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

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When it comes to finding new solutions for customer success, it’s about more than just sales. Your team also needs to find new ways to communicate with customers—both new and existing—to best guide them through your team’s customer journey. It’s a tall order for Customer Success Managers (CSM).

For the CSM pros who are looking for ways to reach even greater heights, AirDeck has five ways to help you improve.

1. Keep Customers Engaged with Audio and Video Narration

For even the best CSMs, keeping customers engaged isn’t always easy. With inboxes that are no doubt brimming with content, it’s all too easy for customers to tune out when CSMs are trying to deliver.

But there’s a new secret weapon for keeping customers engaged: audio and video narration.

Unlike Zoom meetings (which, if we’re honest, don’t most of us dread?) or yet more emails, content that’s laced with audio and video narration is something your customers may not have seen before.

For example, you can level up a basic PowerPoint presentation or Word document by recording a series of audio clips to introduce yourself and talk through more difficult concepts.

This type of content is interactive and impactful and packs a one-two punch by giving your customers a clear explanation of your message without weighing them down with text.

2. Give Them Personalized Content

Chief among customer demands nowadays is personalization. It’s not enough to just check out engaging content; customers also need to feel like they’re valued and like they’re more than just another name in a long list of clients.

Curating custom presentations for each and every customer is a noble pursuit, but it can also be quite arduous and time-consuming.

AirDeck helps you build the personalized content that customers are looking for—without spending the whole day doing it.

For example, suppose you have a standard slide deck you use to onboard all newcomers. With AirDeck, you can turn it into a customized presentation with just a few clicks. Start by using video narration to record personalized introductions and conclusions. Then add audio clips to a few select slides to elaborate on key points. And maybe delete other slides that may be too technical for certain audiences.

AirDeck gives you the tools to rinse and repeat the smart way so you can deliver personalized content every time.

3. Free Up Their Inboxes and Their Calendars

Managing the customer experience is a careful dance. You need to be attentive and available without overstepping boundaries, nagging, or taking up too much of their time.

In other words: Inundating customers with emails and Zoom meeting calendar invites is not the way to go about getting on their good side.

AirDeck is the new way to connect and share content with customers without ever sending an email attachment or joining a Zoom call.

When you create content in AirDeck, you can share it to customers with a single link—no downloads, no email attachments, no headaches. Not only does this make things easier for CSMs, but, even more importantly, it improves the customer experience, freeing them from joining yet another video call or downloading yet another large file. Instead, they get personalized, engaging content that’s accessible with just a single click.

4. Let Them Tune In on Their Own Time

Working with customers in several states, across different timezones, or even around the world can pose challenges for collaboration.

For one, it can be difficult to always sync up for face-to-face presentations. But a powerful customer experience demands more than just sending customers silent slide decks.

With AirDeck, you can give your customers interactive, engaging, personalized content that they’re free to view whenever and wherever they need to.

For example, suppose you really need to walk a customer through a certain topic. Neither of you have availability for a call, but you want to do more than just email a PowerPoint. AirDeck has the answer. Use the document-narration platform to add audio and/or video clips to your PowerPoint so your customer still gets the personal explanation they need, even when you’re not there. Then, share your presentation with a single link that your customer can access when it’s convenient for them.

AirDeck enables you to go the distance to meet your customers wherever they are.

5. Learn Their Preferences Over Time

A huge part of the customer experience happens when the customer isn’t even around—it’s when you and your team are brainstorming, strategizing, and preparing the next best steps for moving forward.

AirDeck is the platform that gives you an inside look at the customer experience so you can learn how to keep improving your content and your relationship with them over time.

It’s all about tracking and data analytics.

When you share content with AirDeck, you can track every second of every view, every time. In real-time, you can access slide-by-slide analytics to see how your customer is interacting with your content, e.g., when they opened your content, where they clicked, how many times they viewed it, etc.

This empowers you to understand your customer like never before, gleaning new insights with every click. And by learning your customer’s unique preferences, you can tweak and edit your content to continue improving their experience over time.

Building an experience that keeps customers engaged from the very first click is challenging with just basic Word docs and emails—adding AirDeck to the equation is what makes the difference.

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