AirDeck Makes It Easy for CSMs To Track Customer Touchpoints

Why Track Customer Touch Points

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For a Customer Success Manager (CSM), your main focus is always on your relationships with your customers and what you can do to help them reach their goals.

As you nurture your customer relationships, you also need to consider how you track and log these relationships over time. This is why it’s important to pay attention to customer touchpoints. 

Customer touchpoints are any moments of direct or indirect contact with your customer. 

But with a slew of customers, each with dozens of different touchpoints, figuring out how to track and make sense of it all can be confusing, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

Why Track Customer Touchpoints

As a CSM, your objective is pretty clear: help your customers succeed. 

This starts with understanding each of your customer’s needs and goals—only then will you be able to lead them on a path to achieve their success criteria and desired outcomes. 

But helping customers achieve success isn’t always a straight and narrow path. 

It can be hard for CSMs to determine where exactly they need to direct their attention—and how much time to spend on each effort. And with many different accounts and customers to support, even the best CSMs can find themselves feeling underwater.

This is why tracking customer touchpoints is so important. 

As you monitor customer touchpoints, you will begin to realize the unique communication thread that exists between each customer and your business. This helps your entire team get in touch with customers’ engagement and activity levels. And when you understand your customer, you can understand how to help them.

Tracking Customer Touchpoints with AirDeck

Tracking customer touchpoints is one of the first steps in helping your customers achieve their goals. But finding a system that actually works and can help you efficiently track all these touchpoints is a challenge in itself. 

When you have a lot of content and a lot of customers, collecting and calculating all customer interactions is a big undertaking, and it’s all too easy for things to quickly get messy or fall through the cracks.

This is where AirDeck steps in to support CSMs. 

By making it easy for CSMs to track, organize, and analyze customer touchpoints, AirDeck can play a huge role in helping you support your customers and your goals. 

It’s a win all around: AirDeck helps you so you can help your customers.

Here’s how it works.

Track in Real-Time

AirDeck is a powerful document narration platform that’s outfitted with robust tracking and data analytics capabilities. With these tools, you can turn any Word Doc, Keynote presentation, or any other of the 210+ file formats that are supported by AirDeck into living treasure troves of customer data. 

Every time you send a document through AirDeck, you have the power to track every second of every individual view in real time. With this look at slide-by-slide analytics, you can smartly track every customer touchpoint. 

For example, you can track:

  • Who is viewing your document
  • Where they are in the world when they’re viewing it
  • If they share your document—when they share it and to whom
  • How they’re using your document

See It All in Your Dashboard

There is a wealth of data to be explored when you track your customer touchpoints with AirDeck. If you imagine reviewing all this data on your own, it might seem dizzying—which is why AirDeck has a solution. 

With your personal AirDeck dashboard, you can access every customer touchpoint across every document you’ve sent. This allows you to easily visualize every view, every contact, every survey result, etc.

The dashboard also gives you space to compare deck performance. For example, suppose you’ve sent out two similar decks and you want to see which one performs better. AirDeck lays it all out for you in the dashboard, where you can see and compare every single touchpoint from your customers.

Analyze and Take Action

Remember: The reason you want to pay attention to customer touchpoints is that they help you understand how to best support your customer. So after tracking and collecting the data on your customer touchpoints in AirDeck, the last step is analyzing and getting ready to take action. 

Giving you the power to both dial into each individual view and then zoom out to review overall engagement patterns, AirDeck enables you to learn about your customers and their unique interests. With this data at hand, you can then determine how you need to improve your presentations, edit your content, and create an action plan to put your customers on the path to success.

Tracking hundreds of customer touchpoints can be downright overwhelming, but this data is fundamental to CSMs who are working to support their customers’ goals. 

The AirDeck platform makes tracking customer touchpoints simple, organized, and, above all, actionable. 

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