AirDeck: The Future of Document Communication

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In the modern age of remote work, multi-national teams, and projects spanning various time zones, ensuring that your message is efficiently shared across internal communications, employee and customer onboarding, and sales is vital. Your business, customers, and colleagues will suffer due to lost opportunities, a lack of productivity, and ineffective communications by staying in the past with outdated file sharing systems.

AirDeck is an industry-defining service that will change the landscape and become document communication’s future. AirDeck makes document sharing not only speedy, but also protected, attractive, and cooperative, as well as ensuring that your files will be delivered precisely as intended.

1. Share Documents In Any Desired Format

Are you sick of spending time downloading unwieldy email attachments with onerous and inefficient security?

AirDeck delivers users a plethora of options to share your decks with teammates, viewers, and customers quickly and easily, and without straining your PC’s capabilities. When creating content in AirDeck, you can effortlessly share files that end users can access anytime and anywhere they choose, including built-in viewers with a simple, one-click URL. Depending on your security needs, you can create a custom link with specified permissions or share your content with a default link openable by anyone.

While having the capability to share customized links at your disposal is impressive, AirDeck gives you the flexibility to share your documents however you’d like.

For example, suppose you are interested in sharing content via the internet or social media. In that case, you can connect AirDeck to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to share content with the simple press of a button. You can also take the unique embed code for your deck to copy and paste into any format involving codes, including YouTube channels, personal blogs, business websites, and much more. By linking to your email account, the AirDeck platform allows you to share decks with hyperlinks automatically attached, thumbnail previews, and personalized messages. 

2. Add Narration To Improve Any Document

Sending documents via email might be normal, it won’t exactly capture the attention of its intended recipient. If you have read a seeming endless stream of digital documents like Google Docs or PowerPoints, it can get pretty monotonous. 

Anything that will help grab and keep a viewer’s attention, such as video and audio narration, helps ensure your message gets through and fosters a greater sense of a personal connection between viewers and you. Additionally, you can convey complicated ideas more efficiently, improve viewer engagement, and make file-sharing much more meaningful by including narration.

Rather than going through the trouble of creating a file with built-in narration, AirDeck allows you to easily record and add audio clips to over 200 file formats, including Google Sheets, Keynote, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and many others. Each deck slide can also have content added directly by either recording audio and video as needed or using preexisting video and audio files.

3. On-Demand Access To Documents

When you have a document that needs to be shared, you must often compromise between your desired level of engagement and simply delivering the necessary information. For example, suppose you try to schedule a video conference to share your content. In that case, you risk dealing with issues including conflicting schedules, unreliable internet connections, and taking valuable time away from your content creation. Alternatively, sending your files via email makes it easier to reach a broader audience, but you also risk your viewers not being sufficiently engaged, educated, or entertained.

Thankfully for you, AirDeck is leading the way in document sharing by offering you the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds. Rather than having to send a large, potentially boring file or spend time on video conferencing, you can send your audience a customized URL to access your content and files that they can enjoy at their leisure. This convenience frees up your audience to digest your content as desired, but you can also create and share files without missing a beat in terms of content creation.

4. Ability To Make Edits Anytime

In today’s fast-paced world of digital communications, any message or presentation sent out with obvious errors included can damage your reputation and put off potential customers. Whether you included a logo from a previous client, sent out a file without saving the changes beforehand, or failed to update relevant data, having to send out a second message asking everyone to “please ignore the previous email” is not only humiliating but also potentially deal-breaking.

You will be delighted to learn that each deck and document you create with AirDeck can be accessed in real-time, which means that even if you have already shared a link with viewers, you can make edits across the entire presentation as needed.

5. Real-Time Analytics

If you want to be a top-shelf content creator or businessperson, you need to stay on top of all of your outgoing communications. With the ability to access info like slide-by-slide analytics and tracking individual views, you can gain granular knowledge of user interactions.

With AirDeck, you gain valuable data from every document you share, which can be leveraged to improve your content with each subsequent release. In addition, unlike other document-sharing services, AirDeck ensures that you gain insight into levels of viewer engagement so that each file, presentation, and other content can indeed be better than the last.

By capturing survey results and prospects from your slides in real-time, you can instantly aggregate intelligence from your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System to effectively act upon your data and drive business results with enthusiasm.

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