AirDeck vs. Adobe Spark Comparison Guide

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We’re often asked what makes us different from other content creation platforms like Adobe Spark. We’re here to walk you through the key differentiators between AirDeck and Adobe Spark and help you make a decision for what’s best for your team.

Feature Comparison: AirDeck vs. Adobe Spark

AirDeck vs. Adobe Spark chart

Key Differentiators of AirDeck

Here are four ways AirDeck is different from Adobe Spark:

1. Upload audio and video from an external source

AirDeck upload files box

With AirDeck you can record audio or video directly in the platform. However, you can also upload audio or video easily from an external source. In Adobe Spark you have to record your audio directly in the platform, which limits your options to use professional recording equipment or use a professional voice-over service, which you can hire from the AirDeck services team.

Video is also difficult to use in Adobe Spark as you cannot upload video directly from your computer. You have to upload via a hosting service like Youtube or Vimeo. This added step can be time-consuming and you may not want to post your video on a hosting service. With AirDeck, you can record your video right in the platform or upload it from your computer.

2. Advanced tracking/Analytics

AirDeck Viewer Activity User Interface

With AirDeck you can see who’s viewing your presentation, the location it’s being viewed, and how much time is spent on each slide. You’re also given the option to capture names and emails of your viewers so you can track exactly who has seen your content, which Adobe Spark can’t do. 

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3. Increase engagement with built-in chat & survey tools

AirDeck Survey Builder User Interface

AirDeck lets you build your own custom surveys to create an interactive experience and get viewer feedback. Make it mandatory so you’ll get your answers fast. AirDeck also has a built-in chat function to engage your viewers. We are working on an API to integrate with Slack and Microsoft teams. This is critical for important client questions and feedback you would otherwise miss out on. 

4. Password protect confidential information

AirDeck password protect box

One of the major issues with Adobe Spark is that you can’t protect the privacy of your content once it’s published. Anyone who finds the URL of your Spark creation can view your project. This is a huge liability issue for people who have confidential or private information in their presentations or videos. With AirDeck, simply lock your presentation with a password, so even if someone gets ahold of your link that isn’t supposed to have it, they’ll need to enter the password to view it.


There you have it, four key differentiators AirDeck has from Adobe Spark. So next time you’re creating a sales pitch, product overview, or lesson plan with Adobe Spark, try using AirDeck and see the added value for yourself.

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