Audio Upload – AirDeck’s Newest Feature!

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We’re thrilled to announce our newest feature here at AirDeck – audio upload. This highly requested feature will allow you to customize your presentations with more depth than ever before!

Want to use pre-made content in your decks? You can now do just that! We’re now introducing the ability to seamlessly upload audio files anywhere into your presentations. You can upload any type of audio clip to your presentations. Whether it be sound effects, professional voice work, or even your favorite song, your custom audio files are sure to spice up your viewers’ experience.

How Audio Upload can help you

Include professional studio recordings

This feature is extremely useful if you want to record your audio in a professional studio and really get a polished sound. While it is easy to record in the AirDeck platform, we understand it’s important to give our users flexibility in building their content. If you have your own recording studio that you can pull clips from, feel free to upload them and create gorgeous-sounding content. Or, include company-standard recordings, such as jingles or introductions.

Record online

One easy option to save and record your recordings online for free is First, simply record each slide’s audio clip and save them to your computer. Then, upload each one to your AirDeck portal. It’s important to note that you will still need to upload your audio separately for each slide. No need to try and get a long recording right in only one take – make your life easier by recording and uploading each audio clip individually.

Use our professional voice-over artists

Headshots of four AirDeck voice actors

Don’t want to use your own voice in your presentations? No problem! You can hire our professional voice-over artists who will record the deck’s narration in their studio, then upload it into your presentation for you. This feature makes it easy to have professionals give your presentation an extra special touch. See our blog here for more about AirDeck voice and design services.

Want a complete guide to creating professional audio? Check out our blog here for an overview of all the different options to create professional sounding audio in no time. Get started today and let your presentation speak for itself!

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