Best AirDecks of 2022

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This year was a phenomenal year of growth at AirDeck and you made it possible. Our loyal customer base helped create over 20,000 AirDecks since our inception. We asked our customers to send us their best AirDecks of this year so we could show off their creativity and innovation. Check out the unique ways our customers harnessed AirDeck this year.


Vicoustic designs, manufactures, and delivers sustainable solutions for acoustic treatment and sound insulation. They use AirDeck to bring their home cinema acoustic treatment guidelines to life. This deck simplifies technical topics with audio narration that provides extra context and helpful details. Check out the moving arrow illustrations that provide further understanding.


CultureCon’s mission is to inspire positive change around organizational culture. They do this through community events, custom courses, consulting services, and virtual learning, but are best known for their annual conference, CultureCon 2023. In order to attract a long list of high quality event sponsors, CultureCon uses AirDeck for their sponsorship package decks and to onboard conference speakers. Check out their sponsorship deck that secures sponsors without a phone call or meeting.

YMCA of Dane County

The YMCA of Dane County is part of a nonprofit organization of over 2,700 Ys located in 10,000 communities across the United States. They focus on developing the potential of youth, improving individual health and well-being, and giving back to and supporting communities. The YMCA uses AirDeck to communicate their strategic plan internally as well as externally on their website. This deck has garnered over 300 views on their website alone.


SpokenoteTM stickers is a company that allows consumers to add video to anything and easily share it. The sticker has a unique scannable spokenote code which takes users to a website, where they can record or view a video.

Spokenote uses AirDeck to send 2-minute product introductions to prospects in key verticals. They also use AirDeck internally to share and review content asynchronously. In the future, they plan to create unique AirDeck content pieces to promote across their social platforms. Spokenote also hopes to use AirDeck to deliver demos of their video-based product and technology platform. The example below is targeted to wedding planners to capture their attention and explain their product.

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