Boosting Sales with AirDeck: The Importance of Tracking

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Staying ahead of the curve in sales is an ongoing (and evolving) challenge. New techniques and methods come and go, but good players know there’s one mainstay in the industry that always helps deliver top-tier results: knowing your audience.

Today, staying plugged in to your audience’s needs and wants means paying attention to analytics and tracking. Without considering these in your sales strategy, you’re basically just taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best.

Sound like a strategy with a high win rate? We think not. If you want to pitch with purpose, you need to consider tracking.

Why Tracking Is Important for Sales

Leveraging tracking as part of your sales strategy levels-up your selling capabilities, helping you sell more and more effectively.

The key is working with a fully trackable solution.

For example, imagine you send your presentation to a prospect. Wouldn’t you like to know when they opened it? How many times they watched it? Which parts they watched the most? When they got bored and quit?

These answers would be sales strategy gold, giving you an inside look at your prospect’s viewing activity, which you could then use to tweak your presentation for peak performance.

Get the goods with AirDeck

Our users are getting these answers with AirDeck’s tracking and analytics.

By using AirDeck to build their sales and marketing presentations, our users are able to tap into new ways to market their business, convert leads, and, ultimately, drive revenue.

It starts with slide-by-slide analytics.

When you share a presentation made in AirDeck, you can track viewer activity slide by slide and see how they’re engaging with your content in real time. You can’t get these kinds of insights with a regular PowerPoint presentation.

Then you make it tailor-made.

Once you’ve unlocked these deep viewer analytics, you’re well-armed to strategically edit, update, and customize your presentation to make it tailor-made for your niche audiences.

This is what makes all the difference. 

With the rich insights provided from AirDeck, you’re no longer taking a shot in the dark when it comes to your products and messaging. Instead, you can clearly see what’s working in your presentation and what isn’t.

Access to these trends gives you the power to strategically refine and improve your messaging, so you can create a better presentation that helps you gather new leads and close deals quickly.

How to Unlock the Power of Tracking

There’s a chance you’ve heard all this before. Tracking and analytics are no longer secrets; rather, they’re well-known tools that sales strategists use to up their game.

But most people are doing it all wrong.

The chief obstacle is the disconnect between data analysts and salespeople.

Normally, salespeople are too far removed from the data. They’re unable to combine sales data from one source with that from another. And when it comes to asking questions, they’re too often in the wrong place at the wrong time—with a lack of true collaborative capabilities, salespeople usually can’t ask analysts the sales data questions they want to when they want to.

Without this real-time analysis, they’re always going to come in second.

AirDeck gives you the edge to overcome this obstacle.

By getting access to slide-by-slide analytics in real-time, you can unlock the real power of tracking to: 1) discover new audience trends; 2) edit slide(s) in your presentation; 3) use your tailor-made presentation to convert leads.

It sounds simple because it is.

Everyone knows tracking plays an important role in boosting sales, but only those who know how to leverage real-time analytics are unlocking tracking’s real potential. AirDeck is how you get the key.

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