How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

In the new world of remote work and online learning, creating quality PowerPoint presentations is more important than ever before. There are just some things that videos share better than any other media – so in this article, we’re going to show you a simple way to embed a YouTube…

How to Screen Share AirDeck on Zoom Calls

AirDeck is perfect for on-demand content – that’s why we love it! However, sometimes nothing can beat an in-person presentation. Here’s a simple guide on how you can combine the best of both worlds by screen sharing AirDeck on a live call. Why Should I Screen Share? One of the…
Engaging Content

How to create engaging content in the AirDeck studio

One of the most difficult aspects of giving a presentation is capturing your audience’s attention. Here are a few tips from the AirDeck team to catch viewers’ eyes and create engaging content that will keep them watching. Short + sweet wins No one wants to read a huge chunk of…

How to grow your company through engaging on-demand webinars

Live webinars are fantastic for sharing trending content. In our transition to remote work, many companies have been creating on-demand webinar series to connect with their audience. This is a great method to replace large events and gatherings that many can’t attend anyway. It saves us time, money, and hassle…

Using AirDeck analytics to drive sales results

Many of our users are creating AirDecks for sales and marketing presentations to convert leads and drive revenue. With the platform you can market your business, provide an overview of your product, and generate new leads. AirDeck’s analytics allows you to track viewer activity slide by slide to unlock insights,…
remote working

How to navigate remote work to successfully scale

Working remotely can bring about various challenges, including employee engagement, communication, and client reach. But, as we move forward, we’re also learning the value of remote work. It allows people to be more flexible with their time, ultimately saving time they had previously spent in mandatory meetings, doing menial tasks,…

Why you need to personalize your pitch & how to do it

You’ve heard it before- to catch your audience’s attention you need to personalize your pitch. No one is going to look at content that doesn’t speak to them.  The most successful companies personalize their content and advertising. Log into Netflix or Hulu and you get a list of shows “recommended…

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