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5 Great Tips to Battle Zoom Fatigue

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If you think you’re tired of Zoom meetings, spare a thought for Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom. At a recent Wall Street Journal event, Yuan said he had had 19 Zoom meetings in a row one day last year. “I’m so tired of that,” he said, “I do have…

How to: Add Surveys to Your Powerpoint Presentation

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Powerpoint presentations make presenting your thoughts and ideas awfully easy. And generally speaking, adding elements like tables, graphs, and images can be straightforward. But once you’ve added a YouTube video , or any other sort of video for that matter, what’s next? Surveys, of course. Adding surveys and sharing what…

How To: Add Voice Over

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Whether they’re made in PowerPoint or Google Sheets, the best presentations dynamically engage with the audience through multimedia, meaning not just videos and static images but audio. And thanks to the power of AirDeck, it’s easy to do so! With voiceover narration — meaning a voice-over track that you can…

How To: Add Laser Pointer Recording

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Why is the laser pointer tool a benefit to you? The laser pointer tool allows you to record yourself pointing out significant information on each slide. You can use this on a chart, spreadsheet, etc. to draw attention to specific numbers or information. It’s the same concept if you were…

How To: Use the Linking Tool

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What is the linking tool? The linking tool allows you to select text, images or icons in your AirDeck and make them active links. These links can lead to External URLs or Email Addresses. This allows your viewers to click right in the presentation! Step-by-Step Instructions Click the link icon…

How To: Merge Decks

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Why is merging decks a benefit to you? In your AirDeck “decks” page you can combine two or more AirDecks into one presentation. This simple and quick tool will allow you to send your viewers more information at one time rather than separate AirDecks! Step-by-Step Instructions Click the open circle…

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