Recording or uploading audio to presentations

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Adding audio to your presentation is super simple! In this quick guide, we’ll go over both how to record audio from your browser, as well as upload existing files. AirDeck makes it easy to narrate any presentation, adding a personal touch to your slideshow. Whether you’re creating a pitch deck…
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How to share your AirDeck presentations

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Sharing your AirDeck presentation is as easy as the click of a button. There are several methods to share your decks – social media posts, direct links, or unique embed codes for your blog or WordPress site. Make sure the world can see your content the way you want! Share…

How to convert and upload presentations to AirDeck

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To upload a presentation from PowerPoint, KeyNote, Google Slides, or another slideshow program, you first need to convert it to a PDF format. Converting your presentation from its original format into a PDF makes sure that your content stays preserved during the upload – no font, picture, or sizing mishaps.…

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