DeckLinks vs AirDeck

Good sales presentations need to hook, engage, and inspire your audience—and adding video narration is a prime way to get the job done. But you need to find the right platform to help you do it. See how AirDeck compares with DeckLinks and what makes our video narration platform stand out against other narration tools.

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AirDeck is a document narration and engagement platform that provides teams with the ability to collaborate, share, and distribute personalized content at scale. 

DeckLinks focuses on enabling client-facing teams to create personalized deal rooms, add video narration, and share engaging sales presentations with a single link.

Compare AirDeck vs DeckLinks

Creating deep connections with customers is the first step in building a successful customer journey. And more and more organizations are learning that the best way to kick-start these deep connections is with video content.

Sharing content that’s layered with audio and video narrations is not only more exciting for your customers, but it’s also more informative. With content that both speaks to them and delivers visuals, you’re more likely to strike the right chord with your target audience—and keep them coming back for more.

Figuring out how to deliver this content effectively is the next challenge.

Sending email attachments is slow, clunky, and downright old-fashioned. Nobody wants to waste time downloading huge files. Modern content demands modern means of communication.

And that’s where link sharing comes in. DeckLinks and AirDeck are two of the top dogs in the game when it comes to creating and sharing video content.

Which one is the best pick for your team? Read on to learn more about the two platforms and find out.

DeckLinks focuses on helping client-facing teams create personalized deal rooms, add video narration, and share engaging sales presentations with a single link. Its goal is to support teams as they seek to create deeper connections with their buyers for a more personal buying experience.

Whether teams are sending sales presentations, sharing updates, or working on fundraising efforts, DeckLinks enables them to turn static presentations into engaging video portals to personalize the client experience and establish stronger human connections. The goal is to use DeckLinks to see real-time engagement analytics, strategically prepare for upcoming meetings, and, ultimately, close more deals.

DeckLinks is available in a three-tier pricing plan. The Basic plan is free—forever. This gives individuals the tools to take advantage of DeckLinks basic features, like video narrations and social media links, with a limited number of decks, links per deck, and storage. The Business plan is $20 per seat per month. With this plan, you get access to analytics, custom branding, video embeds, and other features, along with unlimited decks and unlimited links. Finally, the Enterprise plan is designed for fast-growing sales and marketing teams that need to reduce their sales cycles and accelerate revenue growth. This is available at a custom price.


AirDeck is a document narration platform that empowers teams to collaborate and create engaging, personalized content that they can share securely at scale. Combined with robust tracking and data analytics capabilities, AirDeck empowers teams—both client-facing and internal—to create and share dynamic audio and video content simply and securely.

It starts with content creation. In the AirDeck platform, you simply upload your Google Doc, PowerPoint presentation, Keynote slide, or any other of the 210+ supported file formats. Then, it’s time to level up your content. Easily record audio and/or video narrations to layer over your content to make it more enticing, engaging, and educational for your audience.

Next, it’s time to share—and this is where sharing with AirDeck makes all the difference. With a simple link, you can instantly grant your audience on-demand, real-time access to your content. Behind the scenes, you have the power to track and analyze audience engagement and behavior in real-time with data analytics.

And the whole time, you can have confidence that you’re doing it all securely. Password-protected links, customized viewing permissions, and the ability to revoke or change access on a dime means you can share creative audio and video content—easily AND securely.

Creating engaging video content is one thing. Sharing it easily with a simple link is another. But being able to do it all with robust security measures is what makes AirDeck a one-stop-shop for communication excellence.

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AirDeck vs DeckLinks Feature Comparison

Add video narration to content
Share presentations with a single link
Access real-time engagement analytics
Add audio narration to content
Share password-protected links with customized permissions
Schedule links to expire automatically
Customize links to remove thumbnail previews on sensitive documents

Engage Viewers with AirDeck

  • Narrate anything

    Record audio and video over any document or presentation and make sure that nothing is left to interpretation.

  • Share seamlessly

    Share your documents universally over the cloud, with no software requirements.

  • Track engagement

    Easily keep track of which viewers are engaging with your content and which might need follow-ups with AirDeck's in-depth analytics.

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