Google Slides vs AirDeck

Choosing the right presentation platform is important to your organization. See how AirDeck compares with Google Slides and what makes our document narration platform stand out against other presentation platforms.

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AirDeck is a document narration and engagement platform that provides teams with the ability to collaborate, share, and distribute personalized content at scale. 

Google Slides is a presentation platform for teams who want to create and edit polished presentations in their browser with no software required.

Compare AirDeck vs Google Slides

Creating presentations with impact isn’t always a solo act. Collaboration is a key component in creating success, whether you’re working in sales, onboarding, or marketing. And with workforces that are increasingly spread out across remote or hybrid environments, collaborating with team members on presentations can seem more challenging than it used to.

New presentation platforms are stepping in to make all the difference. Enabling teams to create and share presentations both simply and securely, new presentations platforms make it easy to collaborate with teams, whether they’re working down the hall, in a different state, or around the world.

Google Slides and AirDeck are fan favorites when it comes to presentation platforms.

Not sure which one is right for you? Read on to learn more and make your pick.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation platform for teams who want to create and edit polished presentations in their browser with no software required. Because multiple people can work on the presentation at the same time, Google Slides helps ensure that everyone always has the latest version available.

Google Slides is available to teams as a part of Google Workspace in a number of different plans: the Business Starter plan at $6 per month; the Business Standard Plan at $12 per month; the Business Plus Plan at $18 per month; or at the Enterprise Level at a custom pricepoint. Google Workspace also includes access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more.


AirDeck is a document narration platform that empowers enterprise sales, onboarding, and marketing teams to deliver personalized content at scale. Beyond helping teams create and edit content, AirDeck takes the presentation process steps further with premium audio and video capabilities and powerful tracking and data analytics.

An all-in-one solution, AirDeck enables teams to effortlessly add audio and/or video narration to any document or presentation among its 200+ supported file formats (including Google Slides). Simply upload a document, presentation, image, video, or any other supported file type into AirDeck, and then customize by adding audio clips or videos.

AirDeck’s value doesn’t end at creating and editing presentations. Users can share their presentations via a link, social media, or website embeds and then tune in to viewer engagement and activity with real-time, slide-by-slide analytics. Unlike basic presentation platforms that end with content creation, AirDeck provides access to unique audience insights to continue supporting teams’ goals long after they hit SEND.

Powerful teams need a powerful presentation platform. AirDeck hits the mark every time.

AirDeck vs Google Slides Feature Comparison

FeatureAirDeckGoogle Slides
Upload existing documents to enhance
Upload, embed, or record videos in the platform
Team collaboration
Share via link
Control who has access to presentations
Personalize documents with audio narration
Integrates with your CRM, social media, and more

Engage Viewers with AirDeck

  • Narrate anything

    Record audio and video over any document or presentation and make sure that nothing is left to interpretation.

  • Share seamlessly

    Share your documents universally over the cloud, with no software requirements.

  • Track engagement

    Easily keep track of which viewers are engaging with your content and which might need follow-ups with AirDeck's in-depth analytics.

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