Prezi vs AirDeck

Choosing the right presentation platform is an important decision. See how AirDeck compares with Prezi and what makes our document narration tool stand out against other presentation platforms.

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AirDeck is a document narration platform that provides users with the ability to collaborate, share, and distribute personalized content at scale. Advanced tracking and analytics tools provide sales engagement insights that help save time, close more deals, and have higher ROI.


Prezi is a canvas-based presentation creation platform that allows users to animate their content and send it to viewers.

Feature AirDeck Prezi


Enhance your existing content by importing over 120+ file types
Content creation tools included in the platform


Duplicate any document and personalize each slide
Add video to your presentation


Upload templates, slides, audio, and videos to your TEAMS library for users to share
Brand kits for logos, fonts, and color schemes


Unlimited link shares, email shares, and embeds
Link and email sharing only


Custom link creation with unique settings for each link; password protection, link expiration, and ability to disable viewer sharing, chat, and thumbnail preview
No password protection

AirDeck Features

AirDeck allows you to add narration to any document and provide an instant connection to your audience while doing sales presentations, proposal explanations, custom meeting follow-ups, and more. Recording your audio on each slide individually instead of all at once allows you to finetune your content and easily edit it later.

Easily duplicate, personalize, and send frequently-used content to your prospects. No need to re-record entire videos - simply add a customized slide and leave the rest as-is, saving you time while personalizing at scale.

Share your content with your teammates in just seconds. Add the best decks, slides, audio, and video files to your TEAMS library for your teammates to leverage in their communications, bringing all of your sales collateral up to the highest standard.


Have fewer meetings by allowing your viewers to watch your content on their own schedule.  Send your content ahead of time, making the meetings you do have more impactful and removing unnecessary conversations. Get rid of the sentiment that "this meeting could have been an email" by sending an AirDeck in its place.

Animated image show how to navigate AirDeck user interface

AirDeck's streamlined navigation interface makes it simple for users to jump in and start creating sales collateral to close the next big deal.

AirDeck's in-depth analytics track real-time data on how viewers engage with your documents. View specific slide-by-slide analytics to gauge interest and leverage the data to tailor future interactions with prospects.

Sync your AirDeck account with HubSpot and Salesforce to automatically send your viewers' engagement data to your CRM. Receive notifications on Microsoft Teams and Slack every time your content is interacted with, allowing you to know exactly when your prospect is ready for the next step of the buying process.

Slides are an integral part of any presentation, but creating slides that turn presentations into conversations is the goal. Creating presentations with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other simple apps can take a lot of time, and we often fall into a routine of creating substandard presentations. If you want to stand out from common presentations, a presentation platform is your answer.

Choosing the right presentation platform can go further than you think to catch your audience’s
attention and hold their interest. Some of the top presentation platforms include Prezi and AirDeck. They each offer you the right tools to create professional, eye-catching slides quickly giving you extra time to rehearse your presentation.
But which one is best for you? Read on to learn more about each of them.


Prezi is a popular presentation platform that makes it easy to animate your content. Once you
start designing a presentation, you can use Prezi’s animation effects to move from one section
to another. Additionally, you can use Prezi to add imagery and other graphical elements to your

The free version of Prezi includes unlimited visual content, share links, premium images, story
blocks, and a PowerPoint conversion tool. For Prezi Plus at $15 per month, you’ll have access
to smart branding, presentation voice-over, live Prezi, downloads offline, and you can export to
PDF files. The Premium plan costs $59 per month and offers presentation analytics, advanced
training, and phone support in addition to the Plus plan features.


AirDeck is a presentation platform that offers premium features. With the option to add audio
narration from professional voice-over actors and graphic designers ready to help you refine
your presentation, AirDeck is a great way to get a leg up on presentations.

AirDeck offers on-demand presentations that can be edited in pieces rather than the
unfortunate need to re-record in Prezi. AirDeck also provides live chats and allows you to build
custom surveys for analytics. AirDeck is also simpler to navigate with a streamlined navigation
interface, making it easier for your sales team than the complex Prezi designs.

Want to embed your presentation into emails, videos, or any other location? AirDeck, unlike
Prezi, lets you do that.

While both AirDeck and Prezi can help you get the job done on presentations, AirDeck comes
with several features that, if you truly want to create a unique solution, may just help you build a
stellar presentation.


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