Seismic vs AirDeck

Choosing the right sales platform is important to your sales organization. See how AirDeck compares with Seismic and what makes our document narration tool stand out against other sales enablement platforms.

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AirDeck is a document narration platform that provides sales teams with the ability to collaborates, share, and distribute personalized content at scale. Advanced tracking and analytics tools provide sales engagement insights that helps save time, close more deals, and have higher ROI.


Seismic is a sales enablement platform that allows sales teams to send personalized content to potential buyers and view analytics on their activity.

Feature AirDeck Seismic


Enhance your existing content by importing over 120+ file types
Content creation tools included in the platform


Duplicate any document and personalize each slide
Automatically fill your prospect's name and information into documents


Simple, easy-to-use navigation
Complex menus and user interface

Team Efficiency

Sharing and collaborating natively in the platform
Tracking and collaboration as features


Advanced analytics and immediate reports in real-time
Data analytics and activity tracking


User management and permissions
Administration and compliance features

Time Management

Supplements and replaces meetings
Meeting management features in platform

AirDeck Features

AirDeck allows you to add narration to any document and provide an instant connection to your audience while doing sales presentations, proposal explanations, custom meeting follow-ups, and more. Recording your audio on each slide individually instead of all at once allows you to finetune your content and easily edit it later.

Easily duplicate, personalize, and send frequently-used content to your prospects. No need to re-record entire videos - simply add a customized slide and leave the rest as-is, saving you time while personalizing at scale.

Share your content with your teammates in just seconds. Add the best decks, slides, audio, and video files to your TEAMS library for your teammates to leverage in their communications, bringing all of your sales collateral up to the highest standard.

Have fewer meetings by allowing your viewers to watch your content on their own schedule.  Send your content ahead of time, making the meetings you do have more impactful and removing unnecessary conversations. Get rid of the sentiment that "this meeting could have been an email" by sending an AirDeck in its place.

Animated image show how to navigate AirDeck user interface

AirDeck's streamlined navigation interface makes it simple for users to jump in and start creating sales collateral to close the next big deal.

AirDeck's in-depth analytics track real-time data on how viewers engage with your documents. View specific slide-by-slide analytics to gauge interest and leverage the data to tailor future interactions with prospects.

Sync your AirDeck account with HubSpot and Salesforce to automatically send your viewers' engagement data to your CRM. Receive notifications on Microsoft Teams and Slack every time your content is interacted with, allowing you to know exactly when your prospect is ready for the next step of the buying process.


Seismic is a sales enablement platform that delivers outstanding customer experiences and empowers sellers with in-the-moment insights, recommendations, and the skills to make every buyer interaction count. The service features automation, content management, distribution, compliance, communications, sales intelligence, and analytics.

Seismic is available to users with custom pricing, and you can request a demo to determine your fee. Pricing is governed by your sales engagement needs with a variety of features to fit your unique situation. With Seismic, you have access to presentation tools, content delivery, enablement analytics, findability, personalization, creation, distribution, administration features, document management capabilities, meeting management, sales content analytics, quotes/ proposals, and compliance management. Users can collaborate with integration options available from Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and other tools you already use.


AirDeck similarly provides sales engagement insights. The service is built to navigate professional content between each industry function, while Seismic is a platform designed to provide solutions to sales and marketing separately. Though Seismic offers the concept of providing solutions to marketing, sales enablement, sales teams, and industry solutions in separate categories, users may have trouble finding the tools they need.

AirDeck offers real-time solutions to each professional function in one easy-to-navigate deck of information. AirDeck allows professionals to integrate content between each industry function.

AirDeck is simpler to navigate with a streamlined navigation interface, making it easier for your sales team than Seismic’s complex interface. And while Seismic offers tracking and collaboration as features, sharing and collaborating with others is at the core of the AirDeck experience. AirDeck offers advanced analytics and immediate reports, so you can use AirDeck to see sales engagement reports. That tends to be more reliable than live collaboration and feedback because you can look at a report with evidence of where your sales thrived and fell short. AirDeck analytics goes further than reporting the percentage of your video your audience watched and who clicked on it: you can view each person that viewed your presentation per slide.

AirDeck is more than a sales platform — it’s an engagement platform that helps you navigate content ranging from videos, presentations, onboarding, agreements, proposals, webinars, marketing overviews, personalized sales follow-ups, proposal walkthroughs, document engagement, and more. With AirDeck, users can add HD videos, custom surveys, chats, capture lead information, and secure content with password protection.

If you’re looking for a sales platform with an easy-to-personalize and easy-to-navigate interface that offers insight into sales engagement insights, content, and viewing activity between departments, AirDeck is the platform for you.


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