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Creating content can be a long process. From creation to collaboration to sharing, there are a lot of steps that go into building your messaging and seeing it through to the end until it reaches your audience.

All of these steps can add up to a lot of time (and a lot of expense) to create the content you need. That’s why AirDeck is letting you do it all in one place.

Personalize with Your Voice

A document narration platform partnering with enterprise sales, onboarding, and marketing teams, AirDeck makes it easy to deliver personalized content at scale.

It starts with content creation. Whether you’re a PowerPoint wizard, loyal to Keynote, or prefer working in Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Word, you can leverage AirDeck to take your basic documents to the next level. Outfitted with unique narration capabilities, AirDeck allows you to easily add voice and/or video narration to any document or presentation. Simply upload an audio or video file, or record your narration directly in AirDeck for each slide or page.

These personal narrations are key to elevating your content to make it more compelling, memorable, and impactful—something you just can’t do with a standard slide deck or PDF.

And working in AirDeck means the compelling doesn’t have to be complex. Instead of juggling multiple different programs, you can do everything you need to create killer content from A to Z in one convenient place.

Collaborate with Your Team

Using AirDeck to create content not only levels up your content quality but also your team collaboration.

Instead of creating content in a silo and emailing drafts of PDFs or Keynote presentations to your team, you can work on projects together directly within the AirDeck platform.

For example, with AirDeck’s TEAMS dashboard, you can create and share decks across accounts. And when you hit on a recipe for success, AirDeck makes it easy for you and your team to rinse and repeat. Just upload templates you know you love to your TEAMS Library, where your coworkers can use them to kickstart their own content. You can also directly transfer decks to your teammates.

And when it comes time to review what worked and what didn’t, you can use AirDeck to view in-depth analytics across your whole organization so you and your team can learn together and strategize for the next best steps moving forward.

For large teams who need to work together on presentations or documents, AirDeck is the one place where all team members can come together.

Share On-Demand Access

Creating content is one job, but sharing that content to dozens if not hundreds of viewers is another project in and of itself.

Perhaps you have a robust, carefully-curated email list to which you’d like to send your PowerPoint. This means downloading your slide deck and firing off email attachments to every contact. Sure, it works, but it’s clunky and old-fashioned. Plus, silently scrolling through a slide deck is not the engaging, interactive experience your audience is likely looking for.

Zoom or Teams meetings are the other alternatives, where you could present your PowerPoint in real-time. But coordinating meetings on already-busy workdays isn’t always convenient for everyone, and it’s even more difficult when different timezones are involved.

AirDeck lets you sidestep both of these challenges so you can give your audience engaging, interactive content without any emails or meetings.

With AirDeck, you can effortlessly share on-demand access to your content with a single link. This means your audience can dive into your content on their own time, from anywhere.

It saves time for both you and your customers. No meetings, no email attachments, just straight to the content with a focus on delivering the best results.

PowerPoint, Keynote, email, Google Drive … If you feel inundated by dozens of different programs throughout your workday, then it’s time to trim the fat. AirDeck is your one-stop-shop for teams to create, collaborate, and share content in just a few clicks.

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