How to Create Professional-Sounding Audio in AirDeck

Podcast studio with two microphones and two headphones laying on a table

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Want to know how to create professional-sounding audio for your AirDeck presentation?

We make it easy for you to choose what option works best for you, whether that’s recording your audio slide by slide, uploading your audio from an external source, or hiring professional voice actors to record voice-overs for you. 

Here are three tips on exactly how to get your presentations sounding polished and professional in no time. 

1. Record your own audio slide-by-slide 

One easy option for creating your presentation’s audio is to record it right in the platform. To get started, all you have to do is click the “record audio” button, similar to the screen below. A countdown timer will ensure you’re prepared for a perfect start. Then, once it reaches zero, start talking – don’t forget to save when you’re done!

AirDeck Recorder User Interface

With AirDeck, you record your audio for each slide separately. No need to worry about running through 5 minutes of recording without messing up. Each slide will be saved separately so all you need to focus on is one short segment at a time, making it easy to get your messaging perfect.

The platform works by simply using your computer’s default microphone. However, if you want to take it to the next level and elevate your audio, you can try using an external microphone to help block out background noise. There are thousands of good USB microphones on the market, here are a few to check out:

No matter what device you choose to record your audio on, with AirDeck, it’s easy to narrate like a professional!

2. Upload your audio from an external source

You also have the option to upload your audio from an external source. This can be useful if you want to record your audio in a professional studio to really get that polished sound. This option is great if you want to save your audio on your device and upload the same clips into multiple presentations. You can also upload other clips, such as sound effects, brand jingles, or songs to really customize your presentations.

An easy option online to save your recordings for free is Try this option out for easy customization, while storing all your audio files on your computer.

3. Hire professional voice-actors

While we make recording audio easy, we understand that some people don’t have time to invest in recording voice-overs, or they simply want a professional to create a polished recording for them. That’s why we provide professional voice-over artists who you can hire through AirDeck to create your audio for you. 

Headshots of four AirDeck voice actors

If you’re interested in hiring professional voice actors, check out the services page to listen to samples from our voice-over artists and find the perfect one for you!

In short, we want it to be easy to create professional-sounding audio in a way that works best for you. Whether it be simply recording through the AirDeck platform, uploading your audio, or hiring our professional voice-over services, we’ve got your back. Start creating polished presentations in no time with the AirDeck studio!

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