Frequently Asked Questions

AirDeck FAQ

AirDeck is the future of document communication. AirDeck provides document narration features designed to effectively and easily create personalized content for your audience. AirDeck features the ability to add voice or video to any document or presentation, send unique tracking links, record and upload videos, embed existing videos, and view comprehensive analytics engagement all with one platform.

First, get started by uploading the document, presentation, image, video, or any of the 120+ files that AirDeck’s platform supports. Second, use the voice or video narration feature in your document, along with the laser pointer tool, to walk your viewers through the presentation. Lastly, share a link or embed your content with use of added document tracking and use customer link building to increase engagement.

AirDeck has many features that will not only improve your presentation but create the most effective form of communication. AirDeck allows you to personalize your presentation with voice and video narration, share and embed files, lead and capture surveys, and track documents and analytics, all while keeping your information safe and confidential.

AirDeck can be easily integrated with the tech platforms and tools you already use, including Youtube, Zoom, Google Slides, Linkedin, and more. You can sync viewer activity to your CRM, embed video content from your other platforms, and receive notifications in your messaging tools.

There are multiple pricing plans to fit everyone’s needs. Request a demo of AirDeck to learn about its features, and our team will be happy to showcase our tool and provide you a package that works best for you. Provide your name, email address, phone number, company’s name, size, and requested seat account for determining the package needed.

Customer onboarding is a complex process, but AirDeck’s process involves a steady stream of presentations. When you have so many customers to reach with limited time to create diverse content, AirDeck provides an efficient solution with capabilities unlike any other platform. Using a powerful document narration platform like AirDeck allows for your presentations to speak for themselves.

AirDeck provides a new solution by extending the capabilities of sales. AirDeck allows you to boost audience engagement while still sharing information through a new perspective. AirDeck was also built with a fully trackable solution in order to see when and how your prospect interacted with your presentation.

AirDeck has been across an array of industries. Several companies and organizations,  including Providence Health & Services, Saint Mary’s College of California, Five Star, and others, have relied on AirDeck to build relationships virtually, save employees time, and allow for on-demand accessibility. 

AirDeck partners with Arrows, Pickle, and The Perk, among others, to extend the use of its platform. AirDeck and Arrows allows you to level up your onboarding to build strong and valuable customer relationships. AirDeck and Pickles help you cut down on meetings and boost sales performance. AirDeck and The Perk combine to enhance your activities and improve your communication in a host of areas, from onboarding to coaching. 

AirDeck isn’t quite an alternative to Microsoft’s Powerpoint, but is designed to take your Powerpoint presentations to the next level. With the combination of audio and video narration, document tracking, and industry-leading analytics, AirDeck helps you craft and communicate your presentations in new and existing ways.

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