Financial Advisors: Why you need AirDeck

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Business marketing know-how is one of the most important skills a financial advisor can have (U.S. News). When marketing is done well, it can help you attract and convert prospects, re-engage existing clients, and turn clients into referrals without adding more work to your plate. We understand staying up to date on the constantly evolving financial industry and striving to meet client expectations already keeps you busy. So, how do you prioritize your client’s unique needs with personalized, impactful content without adding hours of additional work?

That’s where AirDeck comes in.

AirDeck helps financial advisors efficiently develop personalized content so you can more deeply connect with prospective clients and build trust and long-term relationships with current clients. Here’s a look at why you need AirDeck to communicate in a way that educates, empowers, and entertains.

Personalize at scale: Make each client feel important

A recent Qualtrics Financial Advisor Client Experience Report found that “lack of personalized attention” is the main reason millennials switched their financial advisor. 

It’s easy to understand why it’s important to put the spotlight on your clients and make them feel valued. With AirDeck, you can personalize documents for each client and it won’t take all day.

For example, suppose you have a standard slide deck you use to onboard new clients. With AirDeck, you can turn it into a customized presentation with just a few clicks. Start by using video narration to record personalized introductions and conclusions. Then, add audio clips to a few select slides to elaborate on key points. You can also delete other slides that may be too technical for certain clients.

Because you can upload existing audio files, or record directly to each slide, it’s quick and easy to fix a mistake, make an edit, update a link, etc. 

AirDeck gives you the tools to rinse and repeat the smart way so you can deliver personalized content like account or portfolio updates or information on new products or services.

Stay top of mind with proactive communications

Good communication is about more than just responding to your clients when they ask for help. It’s about consistently reaching out to your base to make sure they always have the support they need.

Don Aven, a principal at Edward Jones, said “Clients have become more adept with technology and, in some situations, prefer it over face-to-face meetings, and that means financial advisors need to embrace technology to stay connected with their clients and build their practices.” He advised, “technology can help financial advisors deepen their relationships and make clients feel understood and in control of their financial future.”

With AirDeck, you can easily reach out to your client base to offer your help and support—but in a way that’s convenient for them. This makes your clients feel supported but not suffocated—which will definitely make you an advisor that they’ll want to stick with.

Season’s greetings, off season’s greetings, newsletters, and thank you’s are great ways to keep your name in mind. Your clients and prospects will be more likely to think of you when they have a question or want to make a change with their investments. 

Check in during periods of market volatility or uncertainty with an empowering message that encourages your clients to do something productive as opposed to focusing on portfolio changes that may put their long-term plan at risk.

Securely share your content

The Qualtrics Financial Advisor Client Experience Report found that “trust and a good track record” are the main reasons clients choose an advisor. As you know, the foundation of financial planning starts with understanding your clients’ personal needs so you can build a financial plan that helps them reach their goals. The best way to do this is to establish a solid rapport based on trust and open lines of communication.

If your clients don’t trust that you have reliable security that can keep them and their personal information protected every time they connect with you, it can reduce their trust in your services as a whole. 

Promising robust security when sharing files may seem like a perk—but it is a must-have. 

When you share content with AirDeck, you can create custom sharing links with different permissions set for each viewer. You can also up the ante by adding passwords to your decks to keep them safe—and then change the password or viewer permissions at any time. 

Clients want to know that you’re not cutting corners and sacrificing security for convenience. When you connect with them through a secure platform like AirDeck, you show them that you prioritize security, which boosts your credibility and can improve client loyalty over time.

Measure your document’s engagement, then tweak

Analytics should drive a financial advisor’s communication plan. AirDeck empowers you to learn your clients’ unique interests so you can better understand their behaviors and needs—and then pivot to accommodate them. 

When you share content with AirDeck, you can track every second of every view, every time. In real-time, you can access slide-by-slide analytics to see how your client is interacting with your content, e.g., when they opened your content, where they clicked, how many times they viewed it, etc.

This empowers you to understand your client or prospect like never before, gleaning new insights with every click. When you learn your audience’s unique preferences, you can tweak and edit your content to continue improving their experience over time.

These insights are what change the game when it comes to a prospect choosing your services or decreasing client churn rates. 

Because you can see exactly when clients started engaging less with your content, you can identify potential weak points in your client experience and make the needed changes moving forward so you can prevent other clients from churning.

When clients feel understood, that’s when they know they’re with an advisor they want to stay with.

Add value in a way that resonates

Client communication and outreach looks different with AirDeck – the only tool that empowers you to do more in less time for better results.

Show your clients how committed you are to addressing their unique needs with personalized, impactful content. Schedule a demo today.

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