How AirDeck Is Reinventing Document Communication

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Many software packages are available to send documents efficiently, but your business, customers, and colleagues deserve better than file-sharing via emails with large, clunky files as attachments. While other document-sharing platforms offer some basic features, AirDeck is an industry-defining service that will change the landscape and become document communication’s future.

By making document-sharing not only secure but collaborative, speedy, and appealing, AirDeck will get your files exactly where they need to be. The following demonstrates that AirDeck is a superior product for formats, narration, security, sharing, analytics, and more.

1. Share Documents in Any Desired Format

Rather than clog up your outbox and strain your PC by having to process large files, AirDeck will provide you with a wealth of options to share your content with teammates, viewers, and customers quickly and easily.

When you create content in AirDeck, you can share it with customers with a single link—no downloads, no email attachments, no headaches. Not only does this make things easier for customer success managers, but even more importantly, it improves the customer experience, freeing them from joining yet another video call or downloading yet another large file. Instead, they get personalized, engaging content that’s accessible with just a single click.

While having the capability to share customized links at your disposal is impressive, AirDeck also gives you the flexibility to share your documents however you’d like. And rather than limiting yourself to the primary Office audio and video file formats that other document sharing platforms support, AirDeck allows you to effortlessly work with over 200 file formats, including Google Sheets, Keynote, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and many others.

You can also connect AirDeck to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to share content with the simple press of a button. You can even take the unique embed code for your deck to copy and paste into any format involving codes, including YouTube channels, personal blogs, business websites, and much more.

Finally, you can share decks directly from the AirDeck platform with hyperlinks automatically attached, thumbnail previews, and even include personalized messages by linking your email account.

2. Add Narration to Improve Any Document

As anyone who has engaged in document sharing over the last couple of years can attest, having to read seemingly endless PDFs and Word documents can get boring. While sending files via email attachment is conventional, anyone who views the document will likely not be amazed, delighted, or, most importantly, engaged. If you want to achieve any kind of added narration using other document-sharing platforms, you’ll have to do so beforehand.

For example, suppose you have a standard slide deck you use to onboard all newcomers. With AirDeck, you can turn it into a customized presentation with just a few clicks. Start by using video narration to record personalized introductions and conclusions. Then add audio clips to a few select slides to elaborate on key points. And maybe delete other slides that may be too technical for certain audiences.

3. Ensure Security for Documents

When you send a custom link through AirDeck, you grant your coworkers instant, on-demand access to your document, which they can view anytime and anywhere. And no matter where they are, you can have confidence that AirDeck supports you to share documents securely.
Custom sharing links can be created with different permissions for each viewer—and these permissions can be revoked or changed at any time. You can also add passwords to your decks to keep them safe, even creating separate passwords for each link to ensure maximum security.

While other document sharing platforms offer the ability to revoke access to documents at will, AirDeck can also require viewers to verify their identities via email address, as well as set both expiration dates and passwords for individual links.

4. Ability to Make Edits Without Notice

AirDeck can save you from embarrassment and headaches with a new way of document sharing.

No matter your experience in delivering presentations and content to an audience, it only takes one moment of inattention to send out a potentially embarrassing email or display with obvious errors included.

When you create an AirDeck, it can be shared instantly with your team with an on-demand link. With real-time access, this means you can jump in to make edits to your content behind the scenes, without ever having to notify your team or resend a document.

5. Real-Time Analytics Made Easy

The best businesspeople and content creators are not content to rest on their laurels, and neither should you. Instead, help yourself stay ahead by relying on valuable insights, including slide-by-slide analytics and tracking individual views.

When you share content with AirDeck, you can track every second of every view, every time. In real-time, you can access slide-by-slide analytics to see how your customer is interacting with your content, like when they opened your content, where they clicked, how many times they viewed it, and more.

This empowers you to understand your customer like never before, gleaning new insights with every click. And by learning your customer’s unique preferences, you can tweak and edit your content to continue improving their experience over time.

Other document-sharing platforms require users to take the time to manually download audience engagement data via CSV file formats. With AirDeck, you can gain immediate insights in real-time, allowing you to instantly analyze your gathered information with your customer relationship management system to effectively analyze the data you’ve acquired and act accordingly.

In addition, AirDeck lets you keep a perfect record of views, contacts, and surveys for the entire deck and individual users with the AirDeck Dashboard. With the ability to evaluate and track overall engagement time and how the deck performs for each user, you can delve into the depths of any unique view to gain insights.

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