How AirDeck Tracking and Analytics Features Improve Your Onboarding Process

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As much as it is necessary, onboarding can be an arduous process. Not only are teams tasked with growing and building relationships with both new and existing customers, but they also need to develop these bonds alongside generating revenue for the company.

Creating, sharing, and managing a steady stream of presentations to an increasing load of customers is not without its challenges. That’s why teams are leveraging AirDeck’s tracking and analytics features for better results now and into the future.

Get Slide-by-Slide Analytics in Real-Time

No more taking a shot in the dark. To improve your onboarding process, you can leverage AirDeck to track viewer activity slide by slide, in real-time.

Imagine you’re onboarding a brand-new customer. You carefully build a slide deck and email it to them. And then … Crickets.

Did they open it? When? Did they view the entire presentation? Did they skip some slides? Which ones? Did they look at it multiple times?

Without tracking and analytics tools, all of these questions go unanswered, giving your customer the upper hand and leaving you playing guessing games in the dark.

With an AirDeck presentation, you can get results in real-time to track how your audience is engaging with their presentation. You can track when they opened it and how they interacted with it—and this data is immediately available to you, no matter where you or your customer may be.

Test Out Multiple Versions to See Which Is Best

Without tracking and analytics features in your toolbox, even hearing back from your customer right away doesn’t provide much insight.

Did they check out every slide? Maybe they wouldn’t have asked so many follow-up questions if you had explained that topic in a different way.

To truly set yourself up for success and get a grasp on what works and what doesn’t, you need to leverage tracking and analytics to find out how your customers are engaging with your content.

AirDeck gives you the tools to play mad chemist—at least with your onboarding presentations, that is. For example, working with a new niche audience? You can use AirDeck’s tracking and analytics to experiment with different presentations to determine what kind of content and layouts energize your customers the most and, ultimately, yield the best results.

Create a Version-A presentation and a Version-B presentation; then send them out to respective groups for comparison. Did your audience spend more time in Version A? Did they stop halfway through Version B? Which presentation got the most clicks and engagement?

With this insight in hand, you can see who’s engaging with what and which presentation performed best; then tweak the layouts of different slides and adjust content as needed to create the all-star, best-performing presentation for your customer onboarding.

Leverage Analytics for Fine-Tuned Personalization

Tracking viewer activity and analyzing their engagement goes hand in hand with personalizing your content for each unique viewer base.

While you may be onboarding scores of customers at once, you don’t want your customers to just feel like another cell in your spreadsheet. The key to developing bonds and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is guiding them through the onboarding process with content that’s personalized and finely tuned to their specificities.

AirDeck’s tracking and analytics help you do that. By analyzing viewer activity and engagement, you can see what kind of viewers respond best to different parts of your presentation. This helps you narrow down viewer preferences so you can create new presentations that lean into these specific tastes, keenly personalized for big-impact results.

Improve Over Time with Key Insights

With AirDeck, tracking and analytics aren’t just about short-term results: It’s about empowering you to keep improving your content over time so you can grow with your customers into the future.

Without the ability to track and analyze viewer activity, there’s little chance for you to really know how your messaging is being received. And without that kind of insight, you very well could just end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again, exhausting your customer—or worse—pushing them away.

AirDeck helps you mitigate this risk.

By enabling you to unlock new insights that you could never get with a simple PowerPoint deck, AirDeck gives you the power to continue tweaking your content and streamlining your onboarding process so you can improve with every new presentation.

Successfully onboarding new customers takes carefully curated presentations that form bonds and put you on the right track for enduring professional relationships. AirDeck’s unique tracking and analytics features give you the insights to build presentations that don’t just serve you today but help you continue to grow tomorrow and onwards.

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