How Customer Success Managers build stronger customer relationships through AirDeck

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As a Customer Success Manager, your job is multi-faceted. You need to onboard customers, of course, but you also need to ensure they’re happily using your company’s products. Along the way, you need to think about ways to improve your relationship with them and hit certain upselling goals.

Given all that, and as our ongoing discussion with our Customer Success Managers can attest, you’re really, really busy. And you’re looking for ways to improve your daily routines while improving relationships with customers. And that’s precisely how AirDeck helps our Customer Success Manager customers.

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An eye on onboarding

Customer Success Managers tell us all the time how difficult it is to onboard customers. With a steady stream of customers to communicate with each day, Customer Success Managers find little time to engage in other mission-critical activities.

During onboarding, Customer Success Managers will often engage in live Zoom or Teams meetings, presenting the same information, and answering many of the same questions.

With AirDeck, however, they can shift that focus. Instead of engaging in multiple presentations each day, Customer Success Managers can simply create a single presentation and share its link with each new customer. And with the help of audio and video narration, Customer Success Managers can answer often-asked questions with ease — and without needing to be in the room.

Quickly tailor your presentation

Indeed, we often hear from our Customer Success Manager customers that the ability to answer questions is a major factor in why they use our platform. But there are times when they need to tailor a presentation to their customers. And once again, AirDeck is there to offer it.

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With AirDeck, Customer Success Managers can easily create a bespoke presentation for each customer. By quickly swapping out narrations by slide, adding or subtracting other slides from their libraries, and recording new video, Customer Success Managers can eliminate the time-wasting steps often found in PowerPoint or other services.

More time to communicate

So, what does all that translate to for the average Customer Success Manager? According to all those who use our service, AirDeck paves the way for spending more time on communication.

You know it’s critical to communicate with your customers, but with so much onboarding and other tasks to perform, it’s often difficult. With AirDeck saving you time, you can communicate more effectively with your customers and create opportunities to cultivate that relationship over time.

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For Customer Success Managers, there’s simply no substitute for ongoing and strong communication with customers. But that can only happen when Customer Success Managers have time to foster those relationships.

By helping Customer Success Managers reclaim their lost time to the same presentation given day after day, AirDeck is an ideal tool, our customers say, in helping them build stronger relationships with key accounts.

More time to sell

But it’s not just communication.

By saving time on mundane tasks, Customer Success Managers tell us they now have more time to sell their customers on new features and upgrades. It’s a boom for their companies, too: by limiting the amount of time Customer Success Managers are onboarding with AirDeck, they can hit their KPIs and generate more revenue.

The truth is, AirDeck is a real game-changer for Customer Success Managers. And with new features added all the time, it’s only becoming a more important tool in how Customer Success Managers get through their day.

Best of all, with AirDeck’s help, companies are enjoying better — and more profitable — relationships with their customers. It’s a true win-win.

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