How Customer Success Managers Can Personalize Onboarding at Scale

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Customer Success Managers (CSMs) have long been critical to helping companies build and grow their relationships with customers. A good CSM not only forms a strong bond with customers, but also finds ways to improve their lives — and generate additional revenue for the company along the way.

But there are plenty of challenges in the average CSM’s day. Chief among them is the downright arduous process of onboarding customers.

The onboarding process is all too familiar (and difficult) for the average CSM. It’s a steady stream of presentations, education, and unfortunately, saying many of the same things over and over again to each new customer. It’s not the customer’s fault, of course, but it’s the nature of onboarding.

Still, the best CSMs find ways to personalize that onboarding process. Sure, they may be saying the same things from time to time, but they tailor that pitch to their customers. And along the way, they start to form that critical bond that ensures success.

At AirDeck, we fundamentally understand how important CSMs are to their company’s success (we have CSMs of our own, after all!), but we also know we can create a better experience for them. Indeed, AirDeck has become a must-have solution for CSMs because it allows them to do everything they need to do to be successful, but save them valuable time by onboarding customers at scale.


What Is ‘Onboarding at Scale’?

One of the biggest challenges CSMs face is not in creating personalized onboarding experience, but rather in saving time. With all the time it takes to create an onboarding presentation and then actually hold that presentation, precious little time is left for other critical activities CSMs engage in.

Realizing that, AirDeck has become an outstanding way to onboard at scale, while still maintaining the personalization CSMs desire.

With AirDeck, CSMs are uploading presentations and crafting video and audio narration for each individual slide. Once complete, they’re sending the document to their customers, allowing those customers to watch the presentation when they see fit.

Most importantly, CSMs can easily personalize each presentation and keep the standard content in place with AirDeck’s slide-by-slide editing option. So, CSMs who may have the same, standard presentation for most of their slides can keep those and their associated narration in place. They can then swap out the few slides that are specific to the customer, record a new voiceover, and deliver to the customer a truly bespoke presentation.

CSMs have told AirDeck the feature is a game-changer for how they do business. With AirDeck, they can quickly communicate with scores of customers and spend far less time actually onboarding those customers. The result? A CSM who has more time to do all of the critical tasks CSMs engage in throughout the day. For their companies, it also translates to more revenue and improved relationships with existing customers.

Onboarding is a necessary but time-intensive exercise for CSMs. Creating new opportunities to save time, therefore, is a must.

AirDeck has proven to be the best solution for CSMs to save that time by allowing them to personalize their onboarding at scale. It’s a game-changer. And it’s one that CSMs should consider.

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