How E-Onboarding the Right Way Can Help Your Company Training Go More Smoothly

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Key Takeaways:

  • E-onboarding has supplanted traditional onboarding and delivered some enhancements
  • But even with the opportunities e-onboarding presents, AirDeck has proven to be a better way to e-onboard customers and save time
  • With the ability to easily edit presentations and allow customers to engage with presentations on their own schedules, AirDeck flips the script on e-onboarding

Onboarding customers is a time-intensive task. And doing it at scale takes significant resources away from Customer Success Managers and others that have plenty of other tasks besides onboarding. But there is a better way.

In a post-pandemic world, e-onboarding customers has become a way of life. Customer Success Managers and onboarding professionals have been forced into an endless stream of Zoom calls and digital presentations that leave them precious little time for anything else.

At the same time, many of those professionals have also discovered that e-onboarding can be a time-saver. No more travel? Check. No more in-person conversations that drag out? Hopefully. For many, e-onboarding has become a way to address some of the challenges of offline onboarding.

But what if there was a better way? What if another solution could make the efficiencies of e-onboarding even greater.

At AirDeck, we’ve been amazed at how well (and seamlessly) our customers have improved their e-onboarding experience with our service. We’ve found that AirDeck’s flexibility allows for Customer Success Managers to get all the benefits of typical e-onboarding experiences led by Zoom and other tools, and improve upon them.

The secret ingredient in AirDeck’s ability to improve e-onboarding resides in its flexibility. And it’s in that flexibility where we see onboarding specialists saving the most amount of time — and delivering on efficiency.

One of the most important flexibility components in AirDeck is the ability to create a presentation once and easily share that with others. Most onboarding specialists know that they repeat themselves day after day in onboarding conversations. But traditional e-onboarding solutions require them to create new presentations time and again and then present those live in front of their customers.

With AirDeck, onboarding specialists can instead create a single presentation and record an audio narration for each slide that they can share with their customers. But here’s the best part: since AirDeck allows for recording slide by slide, instead of presenting in person or recording an entirely new deck, customers can instead re-record a slide or two, keep the rest, and save a significant amount of time.

Many of our customers say the time-savings in being able to record slide by slide is sizable. Whereas before, our customers were needing to record or deliver an entirely new presentation, with AirDeck, they can simply record a presentation once and swap out individual slides and recordings to tailor each deck to a specific customer.

But AirDeck’s value goes far beyond that. Since AirDeck’s are complete presentations that replace live meetings, onboarding specialists can simply send an AirDeck, tailored to their customers, and not need to worry about a live presentation. The result? Significant time savings and the ability to engage with existing customers far more effectively.

E-onboarding has clearly changed how onboarding works. And in many ways, it’s improved the process (even if it’s created Zoom fatigue). But like most things, e-onboarding can be improved upon. And our customers are finding that AirDeck paves the way for those improvements.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to e-onboard and don’t want to waste so much time along the way, look to AirDeck. You’ll undoubtedly find it changes the game on e-onboarding.

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