How our Voice Actors and Graphic Designers Make Quality Content

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Learn how hiring our team of talented graphic designers and voice actors can enhance your presentations and bring new life to any project.

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How to get started with our Graphic Designers and Voice Actors

Say hello to AirDeck services! Recruit our team of talented graphic designers to design your deck, or hire professional voice actors to narrate any project.

1. Send our designers a PDF

Email us a PDF of your presentation. You can include your thoughts about how you envision the design, if you want a different color scheme, or simply leave it up to our talented designers to create a polished look for you.

Here are some recent designs from our team:

AirDeck presentation slides

2. Select your favorite voice actor

Headshots of four AirDeck voice actors

Hear samples on our services page to determine which voice you like the best for your presentation. Don’t worry, we’ve got a variety of options of professionals on our team, so you can choose the best delivery for your messaging. Some voice actors are also willing to provide different tonal clips for you to check out, in case you want a different type of sound.

3. Send us a loose script

Lastly, send us an overview of what you’d like the voice-over to contain. No need to make it perfect, our team will help polish it off before sending it to the voice artist.

Sit back and relax while we create your professional content!

That’s all, we’ll do the rest! We’ll keep you in the loop as we’re getting your content created so we’ll be sure to create the presentation you envision. Next time you want to up your game and really make your content stand out, check out our graphic designers and professional voice actors. Our talented team can elevate your content in no time!

To request a quote, fill out the form at the bottom of our services page. We’re excited to get you started!

Want an example?

Check out the Five Star presentation, narrated by Nastasia Marquez, and designed entirely by our graphic designers.

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