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AirDeck online software makes it easy to add audio, voice-over narration, and video to Powerpoint and pdf files

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Make your PowerPoint presentations more engaging by adding audio, voice-over narration, and video using AirDeck

In business, nothing beats an in-person presentation. However, due to COVID, in-person presentations are on hold indefinitely. And, trying to get someone on the phone or to accept a video meeting is becoming nearly impossible. To solve these problems, we created AirDeck online software.

AirDeck gives you the ability to “be there” for your presentation by making it easy for you to add audio files, voice-over narration, and video to your PowerPoint presentations without the need for any audio equipment.

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Present and Share Your Presentations Anytime, Anywhere with AirDeck

Once you have used AirDeck to add your voice-over narration, audio files, and video to your presentation, you can then share your presentation using AirDeck’s powerful presentation sharing tools. Now, instead of emailing huge files, you can share a link to your presentation. You can also use that link to share your presentations on social media.

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