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How To: Add Laser Pointer Recording

Why is the laser pointer tool a benefit to you?

The laser pointer tool allows you to record yourself pointing out significant information on each slide. You can use this on a chart, spreadsheet, etc. to draw attention to specific numbers or information. It’s the same concept if you were using a laser pointer during a live presentation.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click the record icon on the top task bar.
  2. Select which slide from your left hand “total slides” column you wish to add laser pointer recording.
  3. Click the “laser pointer settings” icon on the top of the screen to record.
  4. Before you start recording, click the “enable laser pointer recording” button so it is green, choose your pointer size (3 options) and choose your color.
  5. Use the red recording button on the top of the screen to record.
  6. Watch the countdown go “3, 2, 1, GO”.
  7. Start using the laser pointer when you see the pause sign. If you start too soon, you will be cut off.
  8. Hit the stop button when you are finished recording.
  9. Hit the save icon to save your laser pointer recording or hit the trash button to delete if you wish to start over.
  10. When you have finished recording, you can move on to the next slide.


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