How to add voiceover to Google Slides

Microphone and MacBook computer

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Learn how to quickly add Voiceover to Google Slides presentation in AirDeck with this step-by-step guide. Plus, learn other AirDeck tips.

Microphone and MacBook computer

Adding voiceovers to Google Slides can dramatically enhance your presentations. But there’s just one problem: actually doing it takes a significant amount of work. Since Google Slides doesn’t come with voiceover support out of the box, you need to jump over some hurdles to get it done. That is if you don’t use something simpler like AirDeck.

So, how do you actually add voiceover to your Google Slides presentation even if the service doesn’t support it?

Read on to find out how:

  1. First things first, you’ll need to create an individual audio file for each of the slides in your presentation. While it may take some time, there’s no way to use a single audio file and apply it to the entire presentation.
  2. Next, upload the audio files to your Google Drive account.
  3. After the files upload, go back to Google Slides and choose the slide on which you want to add your voiceover. Choose Insert then Audio and choose a file you uploaded to your Google Drive.
  4. Next, under the Format option (and after you click on the audio file), set your audio file to either loop or play only once. You can also choose to play it automatically or have it start on a click.
  5. Once you add the audio file, an icon will be shown on the slide. You can tweak the icon’s color and look if you’d like.
  6. After you’ve uploaded your slide’s audio file, it’s now time to do it again and again with all the other slides.

What About AirDeck?

If you’re looking for a much simpler solution, consider using AirDeck instead. The service allows you to upload a PDF or presentation and immediately add your voiceover. The process is simple as recording what you want to say as you run through your presentation. And when you’re done, you can simply share your presentation with others, track when they see it, and more.

Simply put, if you’re looking for an easy way to add voiceover to your presentation, AirDeck is the way to go.

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