How to Become the Ultimate Job Candidate by Using AirDeck

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Entering the job market can be scary—especially if it’s been awhile since you last applied for a job. And in the wave of the Great Resignation, when 56+ million people quit their jobs, the competition out there is stiff. 

To clinch the interview, you need to become the ultimate job candidate. And AirDeck can help you. Here’s how:

1. Show Your Face

As another job candidate in a sea full of hopefuls, you need to be memorable. Otherwise, you risk quickly becoming just one more forgotten resume in a stack on the recruiter’s desk. 

How can you stand out from the competition? Show your face. This takes the basic, boring resume and makes it personal, giving you the opportunity to put yourself in front of recruiters even before you score an interview. 

But with your standard, static resume, this simply isn’t possible. Only AirDeck lets you add video to your resume with just a few clicks, so you can show your face to recruiters from the get-go. 

If the idea of adding video to your resume freaks you out, don’t worry. You don’t have to make a long video to make a big impact. Using AirDeck, you can simply record a brief introduction and conclusion to bookend your standard resume. 

By getting your face in front of recruiters, you’ll leave a lasting impression so you’ll stand out among the other candidates.

2. Get Personal

Not comfortable showing your face on video? 

We see you, introverts, and we support you. With AirDeck, there are plenty of ways you can still personalize your resume without getting too close for comfort. 

Instead of (or in addition to) adding video narration to your resume, try adding audio narrations. 

For example, by using AirDeck’s built-in laser pointer and layering your PDF or Word Doc with audio narrations, you can walk recruiters through your resume with your voice. This gives you the power to point out specific sections you want them to notice so nothing gets skipped. Plus, it means you can add more detail to your resume without clogging it up with extra text. 

Adding these personalizations to your resume is key to becoming the ultimate job candidate. By getting personal, you turn your resume into more than just an overview of your job history—it becomes a presentation of you, your worth, and what you can bring to the company. 

3. Include Samples

To be the ultimate job candidate, you have to do more than just talk the talk—you have to walk the walk. This means you can’t just talk about your work. You need to show it to hiring managers. 

One way to do this is incorporating your portfolio into your resume. This makes the difference by bringing life to your job descriptions. For example, don’t just say you have experience with digital marketing—back it up by including marketing reports that show you’ve truly got the goods.  

Whatever kind of content you want to include in your portfolio, AirDeck can help you show your stuff. 

Have you built a website? Jump into the backend and turn on screen recording to show your work to hiring managers. Maybe you just finished a big proposal? Upload your document (whether it’s from Google Doc, Pages, Microsoft Word, or any other of the 210+ file formats supported by AirDeck). Then hit record and use audio narrations to give an overview of your work.

4. Reduce Friction

With so many job applicants on the hunt for their dream job, recruiters and hiring managers are up to their ears with resumes. In fact, according to Monster’s 2022 Global Report on the Future of Work, 93% of employers are doing some sort of hiring right now.

To be the ultimate job candidate, one way you can impress hiring managers is to make their lives easier for them. 

Consider: You’ve finished building a giant, impressive portfolio to send out along with your resume. That’s great … except this isn’t what hiring managers want. The last thing they want in their inboxes are clunky email attachments—and you prompting them to download huge files. 

Instead, lean on AirDeck to reduce friction and make recruiters’ lives easier. 

With AirDeck, you can create a robust, dynamic, and rich resume—complete with video and audio narrations detailing your portfolio of work. And you can send it to recruiters without ever emailing an attachment. Instead, simply share your entire resume and portfolio with one simple, custom link generated by AirDeck. 

Recruiters will thank you.

5. Follow Up Intelligently

You probably already know that it’s good practice to follow up with hiring managers after your interview. But did you know that you should also follow up after sending off your resume?

For one, following up on your resume shows that you’re truly enthusiastic about the position and are committed to nailing this job—as opposed to someone who’s just blindly sending out their resume to any job posting they see. 

Plus, following up is your way to (professionally) give the recruiter a poke. This will encourage them to either look at your resume again or check it out for the first time if they passed on it before.

But when it comes to following up, timing is everything. 

How can you know when to press SEND? AirDeck takes out the guesswork. 

When you build your resume in AirDeck and share it with a custom link, you unlock AirDeck’s powerful tracking and data analytics capabilities. This gives you the power to see exactly when the recruiter opened your resume, how often they looked at it, and which parts they paid attention to the most—and which parts they skipped. 

With these insights, you can make an intelligent decision on when to follow up and what exactly to say so you can better your chances of securing the interview.

Searching for a new job doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. By leaning on AirDeck to build your resume the smart way, you can put your best foot forward to become the ultimate job candidate.

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