How to Create Engaging Content In the AirDeck Studio

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One of the most difficult aspects of giving a presentation is capturing your audience’s attention. Here are six tips from the AirDeck team to catch viewers’ eyes and create engaging content that will keep them watching.

1. Short + sweet wins

No one wants to read a huge chunk of text on a slide. Keep your layout simple, with a mix of words and pictures to get your message across. Try to keep your narration under a minute for each slide. Staring at the same slide for too long is a sure way to bore your audience and make them pick up their phone instead. Keep them concise, organized, and easy to follow.

2. Mix it up with video

Throw in an introduction video of yourself to add more personalization, or add in a relevant demo to guide your viewer. With AirDeck, you can record videos right from your browser and insert them into your presentation, or upload existing content from your device. 

3. Make it interactive

Interact with your viewers by adding in a survey slide- ask them questions to keep them engaged and get valuable feedback. You can build your own custom survey in AirDeck and insert it anywhere you’d like. Take it a step further and try out our chat feature to communicate with viewers in real-time as they’re watching your presentation.

4. Make it a story

AirDeck was created so you can take any sort of information and messaging and create a story. It allows you to “be there” when sharing your content with a viewer. People are engaged not by stats, but by stories. 

Show the readers everything, tell them nothing — Ernest Hemingway

5. Get creative

Get creative with your content! There are so many different ways to use AirDeck. And with access to unlimited presentations on our Pro plan, the possibilities are endless with the content you create.

6. Test your results 

Finally, test your results! 

AirDeck provides analytics that allows you to see which slides performed well and which flopped. You can check how long each slide was viewed for, or if it was skipped entirely. Using this tool will allow you to easily tailor future presentations with our show/hide visibility tool, hiding slides that certain audiences don’t pay attention to. This tool is perfect for reusing the same presentation for different target audiences. Need tips on using AirDeck’s analytics? Check out our blog post on how analytics can help you create engaging content.

There you have it – some tips to get you on your way to creating presentations that viewers will be glued to. Send your decks out and watch the leads come to you!

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