How to Grow Your Company With Engaging on-Demand Webinars

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sLive webinars are fantastic for sharing trending content. In our transition to remote work, many companies create on-demand webinars to connect with their audience. This is a great method to replace large events and gatherings that many can’t attend anyway. It saves us time, money, and hassle to create these online webinars. And it allows us to reach a global audience that we otherwise might not have due to geographical or time zone barriers.

However, it’s nearly impossible to get many people to attend live webinars. We live in an on-demand world now; Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and other online services provide immediate access to entertainment without inconveniencing the viewer. People are used to viewing content on their own time when it’s most convenient to them. 


Only about a third of those who sign up will actually attend your webinar (Source: BigMarker)


And what do most people do when only 10 people came to their webinar that 30 people had signed up for? They send out the recorded webinar out over email to everyone who missed it. However, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to edit your webinar after it’s recorded. 

Why not start with an on-demand version that you can edit, perfect, and personalize to different audiences? You’ll reach an exponentially larger audience while still maintaining a personal touch through video and personal narration.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create on-demand webinars with AirDeck:

1.Upload your supplementary graphics

Make your webinar professional by adding an intro and conclusion graphic, as well as supporting graphics or statistics relevant to your message.

AirDeck Slides

2. Upload or record your video

After you upload your graphics, you can then record a video of yourself right on the AirDeck platform, or invite guests to join by simply uploading a recording they send to you. It’ll go right in your webinar, placed wherever you want it. 

AirDeck Video Recorder Display Recording a woman

3. Record your supplementary narration

Record narration over your slides that have supporting graphics or visuals. Make an intro or conclusion slide to introduce yourself and your company.

AirDeck Recorder User Interface

4. Add in mini-surveys to get user feedback and questions

Use our survey tool to get viewer feedback on your topic. Ask the questions you might not have time to ask in a live webinar.

AirDeck Survey Builder User Interface

5. Track viewer analytics to unlock new leads and insights

Use our analytic feature to track viewer activity on each part of your presentation, including our geo tracker, which shows where your viewers are from. Track who is viewing your presentation by requiring name and email in the sign-up.

AirDeck Activity User Interface

6. Personalize Your Webinar

Once you create a successful model, you can then edit your webinars to fit target audiences by duplicating your webinar and editing a few slides. See a step-by-step guide on how to personalize your pitch.

AirDeck Sorter User Interface

7. Send your on-demand webinar out with a link!

Simply share your webinar with anyone who has a link. No large attachments and easy social sharing and embedding capabilities.

AirDeck Share Presentation User Interface

Get started with AirDeck and create engaging on-demand webinars today!

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