How to Improve Your Presentation Skills (5 Tips)

Presentation Skills Illustration

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Your presentation skills are as critical as the information you present. Learn five effective ways to improve your Presentation Skills in this quick guide.

Presentation Skills Illustration

Giving a presentation is never easy. If you lack confidence, your narrative may fall short. If you lack design skills to boost your presentation’s visuals, your audience may lose interest in what you have to say. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always lack presentation skills. Now’s the time to improve your presentation skills — and deliver an outstanding presentation.

AirDeck concept helps you take your presentations to the next level. And while it delivers a host of tools out of the box, there are skills you’ll want to learn to boost your presentation.

How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

A successful presentation requires effective presentation skills. Read on to learn more about five best practices for improving your presentation skills.

1. Prepare a Presentation Outline and Practice

Know your material and be confident. Know the type of presentation you want to present. Also, prepare a presentation outline and go through the process a few times before presenting it live.

You can fine-tune your oral presentation skills by presenting to your friends, family, or pets. Visualize yourself on the day of your presentation. Also, familiarize yourself with the room you’ll be presenting in and practice a few times there.

It doesn’t hurt to be overprepared, but your audience can tell when you are underprepared. Show your audience that you’re confident in your message and presentation content, and they’ll notice.

2. Create a Balanced Presentation Design

While you want to support your messages with data, too much information on your slides can be distracting.

Streamline your message with enough information to inform but not overwhelm your audience. Also, don’t forget to incorporate visuals and adjust your tone when the time is right. For example, add a joke or tell your audience a story that relates to your presentation.

Remember to balance your information, visuals, and entertainment quips. Check out our Presentation Design Services if you need help.

3. Boost Audience Engagement with Questions

Prepare a few presentation slides for discussion. Ask your audience rhetorical questions throughout your presentation. Also, include questions and answers at the end of your presentation.

While it is acceptable to solicit questions throughout your presentation, it may take away from your message and distract other audience members. Having questions and discussion at the end allows your audience to absorb your presentation. It also keeps them engaged at the end.

4. Gather Your Thoughts with These Presenting Tips

Drink some water, pace around, or grab a clicker for your presentation. You can use this technique to stall your presentation and gather your thoughts. Take a deep breath and remember what you want to say.

Lost your train of thought? Grab the clicker and look at the screen to figure out what to say for that slide.

Don’t know how to answer a question from the audience? Rather than respond immediately, grab your water and think about your response. And remember, time goes by slower as the presenter — that 10-second water break seemed like three seconds to your audience.

5. Memorize Key Parts of Your Presentation

Your presentation will go smoother if you memorize your introduction and conclusion. Introducing yourself in a clear, concise manner establishes your credibility and immediately engages your audience.

When preparing your presentation, if you don’t think you’ll remember a statistic or quote, add it to the slide and let your audience read it. You want to effectively convey your message and support it with data, graphics, and confidence.

Also, you shouldn’t include anything too lengthy, or your audience could get distracted. Don’t memorize too much, or you could get caught up in your words, distracting your audience from your message. Remember the main message and goals you have and incorporate them throughout your presentation.

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