How to Navigate Remote Work to Successfully Scale

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Working remotely can bring about various challenges, including employee engagement, communication, and client reach. But, as we move forward, we’re also learning the value of remote work. It allows people to be more flexible with their time, ultimately saving time they had previously spent in mandatory meetings, doing menial tasks, or commuting. 

Here are four suggestions from the AirDeck team to tell you how to navigate the new world of remote:

1. Connect and engage your employees

One challenge that employers face while working remotely is finding ways to keep employees engaged and happy. Yes, you could create more company networking calls and remote happy hours; however, there are multiple ways to incorporate more engagement while you’re working. 

One way to improve engagement is to get creative with how you interact on a weekly and daily basis. Using AirDeck, companies are creating weekly briefings to go over team goals instead of taking up time with phone calls. Simply upload your presentation to the deck, record a narration to walk your employees through it, and add a video of yourself for an extra personal touch.

AirDeck Weekly Briefing Video Overlay


This not only saves valuable time by making it available on-demand for employees to watch when it’s convenient for them, but for large companies, it can be a powerful tool to increase transparency and productivity throughout the company. Think about how much time it would save if everyone would get a company overview of weekly goals and projects happening in each department – less confusion, fewer redundant questions, and little to no frustrating calendar coordination. Here at AirDeck, we have weekly AirDeck briefings to keep us on track and engaged.


Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.”


2. Content marketing for client reach


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With our increasingly remote world, it’s important to engage leads through content marketing. What does that mean? Reaching your target audience through content rather than direct messaging. If you create great content, it’ll speak for itself.

3. You need two things to make great content: 


1. Make it personal


“88% of marketers believe interactive content is most effective in differentiating their companies from competitors” (Gen Report)


You’ve heard it before, to engage your audience, you NEED to personalize your content to be relevant to them. However, this can take a lot of time. No one wants to waste time with excess research or re-formatting their content.

Luckily, AirDeck makes it easy to customize your content in seconds. By duplicating your pitch deck, you can simply replace a few audio clips to make it relevant to a specific target group and send it out. Learn how to personalize your pitch in our step-by-step guide.

Content catches your eye if it speaks to you. Your leads are never going to pay attention to a pitch that doesn’t speak directly to their needs.

2. Make it accessible

We live in a world that is on-demand now. We constantly have content at our fingertips ready to watch when we are through Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube. So why waste time making live webinars when you could make them on-demand?

Creating on-demand webinars allows you to get an exponentially larger audience, and with AirDeck, more opportunities to connect with and track viewer behavior. Check out our blog here to learn more about creating an on-demand webinar through AirDeck.

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4. Embrace the flexibility of remote work

Remote work isn’t a passing trend, it’s here to stay!

Companies have realized that remote work is not only possible but that it often boosts productivity, employee engagement, and employee satisfaction. Embrace the flexibility that remote work brings.

If you lead through your content to engage your audience and employees, you’ll quickly learn how to succeed in a remote workplace. Lean into the opportunities to evolve with AirDeck!

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