How to Reduce Waste and Save Money by Onboarding with AirDeck

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Onboarding customers is no easy task. It takes a dedicated team with the right skills and insights to welcome new customers and educate them on your products and/or services.

It also often takes a lot of time and money. Teams are always looking for new ways to reach their goals more quickly and deliver better results than before—all without upping the budget. When it comes to onboarding, AirDeck can be the secret tool in your arsenal to do it better and faster.

Do It Better

More effective onboarding starts with more powerful presentations.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: The presentations that surprise and delight are the ones that give you a clear understanding of the content and value at hand without forgoing all sense of personality or intrigue. To build these presentations that are both clear and compelling, teams are turning to AirDeck.

With the ability to overlay slides with audio and/or video narrations, AirDeck is the most efficient way to communicate for effective results. Besides adding new levels of clarity, narrated slides also help you create an instant connection with customers during the onboarding process. It’s that personal touch that enriches your decks and helps boost audience engagement.

Ultimately, a clear, highly-compelling presentation is the cornerstone of reducing waste and saving money in onboarding: It means you don’t have to keep going back to the drawing board, wasting time shuffling around text in a PowerPoint deck to try to land on a formula that works.

By creating narrated decks with AirDeck, you can have confidence that your audience will be attentive and energized from the very onset of the onboarding process.

Do It Faster

Creating better presentations seems like an obvious way to level up your customer onboarding (although getting it right is easier said than done!). But AirDeck does more than just enable you to create the presentations and content that your audience wants to see—it also helps you do it faster than you could before.

Remember that clear, highly-compelling presentation you created that instantly hooked and energized your audience? Undoubtedly, you’d like to duplicate those results for each customer that you onboard, but imagining the time it takes to build rich, customized decks can be overwhelming—and often, neither timely nor financially feasible.

With AirDeck, delivering top-tier content doesn’t have to be an all-consuming process. Instead, your team can use that clear, highly-compelling presentation that you know works and leverage it as a template to rinse and repeat. By rearranging slides, deleting some, adding others, and recording new audio clips for personalized introductions, you can deliver high-quality, effective content in just a few clicks.

Do It All in the Same Place

When it comes to onboarding, your team is at its best when it’s equipped with the right tools to create top-quality content. And if they’re able to deliver this content quickly, that’s a win-win for saving time and money—or at least it’s supposed to be.

Unfortunately, many teams feel like just when they’ve finally gotten their content creation process for onboarding down pat, they run the numbers and realize they’re coming in way over budget. From audio recording to video recording to tracking analytics to adding built-in surveys, there’s a lot that goes into building great onboarding content, and eventually, the prices of all those tools add up.

To help teams reduce waste and save money without sacrificing the quality of their presentations, AirDeck comes in as the saving grace. An all-in-one powerful solution for document narration, AirDeck is the one-stop-shop for creating and sharing presentations, from start to finish. With AirDeck, you can:

  • Personalize any document and presentation
  • Easily add voice or video narration
  • Record/upload a video, screen record, and embed existing videos
  • Track engagements and in-depth viewer analytics

When it comes to onboarding customers, AirDeck empowers you not only to do it better and faster but to do it all in one convenient place.

Share in One Click

A strategic customer onboarding process often takes a multi-layered approach. This may include a preliminary introduction followed by more in-depth trainings and other ongoing correspondence. But maintaining all these touchpoints with different customers can be challenging and, above all, time-consuming.

Leveraging AirDeck is one way you can cut down on waste and save time in your onboarding to get valuable hours back in your day.

Consider: You’ve carefully spent time creating a series of customized presentations for each of your niche audiences. Rather than spending your time and resources to individually schedule Zoom meetings and present to every customer one on one, you can use AirDeck to effortlessly connect with them all in just one click.

AirDeck lets you easily share on-demand access to the content you create, without ever having to send an attachment. Instead, just record your presentation once, and then share with every customer you have via link, email, or social. This saves time for both you and your customers: You can target scores of customers at once, and they can each view your presentation when it’s convenient for them.

Customer onboarding doesn’t have to be a laborious process. With AirDeck in your pocket, you can stop wasting time and money and start doing it better than ever before.

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