How to Use AirDeck to Uncover New Stakeholders

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When you send off a presentation to an existing or potential customer, you know there are going to be multiple eyes on it. But just how many eyes, exactly?

With basic PowerPoint slides sent as email attachments, there’s no way to know what’s going on behind the scenes, leaving you and your team in the dark about any new stakeholders.

But things are different with AirDeck, where tracking and data analytics give you the insider know-how to uncover new stakeholders.

What You Get with AirDeck Tracking and Analytics

When you build and send presentations with AirDeck, you get instant access to impressive tracking and data analytics. From the moment your audience starts viewing your presentation, you can tune in to see how they’re engaging with your content in real time.

These analytics give you the power to track your audience’s activity on a slide-by-slide basis, allowing you to identify new insights on their unique interests.

For example, AirDeck allows you to see things like:

  • Who opened your presentation
  • When they opened it
  • How many times they opened it
  • How long they viewed your presentation
  • Which slides they viewed the most
  • Which slides they skipped
  • Which links they clicked on

By delivering real-time data analytics and tracking capabilities, AirDeck turns your presentations into living and breathing content that continues to talk back to you long after hitting SEND.

Why Tracking and Analytics Is Important

Tracking and analytics are the keys to finding success in messaging. Without these insights, you’re basically just taking a shot in the dark.

From the moment you share your presentation with your audience, all you can do is hope that it’s being well received, but you’re left without any way of knowing for sure what your audience is thinking on the other side.

At least that’s true with standard presentations that are built-in PowerPoint or Keynote.

But when you build content in and share it with AirDeck, you get to unlock a whole new layer of insights. By identifying when your audience viewed your presentation, how many times, for how long, etc., you’re able to see exactly what’s working—and what’s not working—in your presentation.

Besides being insightful for the here and now, this data also helps out future you by giving you and your team the rundown on what worked and what needs work for your next presentation.

How to Uncover the Goods

Ultimately, all of these new insights help you uncover new stakeholders.

By leveraging AirDeck to track viewer engagement and activity, you can precisely see how your content is being shared across an organization, e.g., who has seen your presentation and whether or not they’ve watched it more than once.

Using AirDeck means you don’t have to play guessing games. You don’t have to wonder who has been introduced to your company or whether or not they’ve gotten a look at your product and/or services.

Instead, when you share a presentation with AirDeck, you get a secret seat at the table.

Tracking and data analytics give you an inside look at who might be new stakeholders, empowering your team to make smarter, more calculated decisions to drive better results.

This kind of knowledge simply isn’t accessible if you’re still working with PowerPoints and email attachments. Only AirDeck gives you the dynamic, live, and rich tracking and data analytics to uncover hidden stakeholders.

AirDeck does more than just help you create and deliver compelling content. The document-narration platform also proves powerful in helping you uncover new data and, with it, new stakeholders.

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