Insurance agents: How to Demystify Documents and Build Trust

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We understand that in the world of insurance, effective communication is often a tricky game. You want to inform but not overwhelm, empathize and empower, and ensure your clients feel supported. In order to do this, it’s important to leverage the right technology to help streamline your processes and client communications. Let’s discuss a few common communication challenges that insurance agents often face and how we can help you alleviate them. Get ready to become the agent your clients can’t help but adore.

Complex Terminology and Information Overload

Insurance policies and concepts are often complex and overwhelming. They involve a significant amount of information, including coverage details, exclusions, deductibles, and policy conditions. Clients may struggle to understand the terminology and get lost in the details. Agents must bridge this gap with concise and digestible communication that focuses on key points clients need to know. 

AirDeck can help you create content that feels like a conversation and helps you go beyond a static document. Add your voice to any of the 120+ file formats that AirDeck supports—Keynote, PDF, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc. 

This allows you to introduce yourself, talk through difficult concepts, or help your clients understand what areas in the document they should focus on. This helps put your clients at ease, creates a human connection, and helps you get in front of common questions.

Lack of Personalization

Insurance agents often interact with multiple clients, each with their unique needs and circumstances. It is challenging and time consuming to personalize communication and ensure that clients feel valued and understood. 

With AirDeck, you can personalize documents for each client and it won’t take all day. For example, suppose you have a standard document you use to introduce new clients to their policy. With AirDeck, you can turn it into a customized presentation with just a few clicks. Add video or audio voiceover to record personalized introductions and conclusions. Then, add audio clips to a few select slides to elaborate on key points. You can also delete other slides that may be too technical for certain clients.

Because you can upload existing audio files, or record directly to each slide, it’s quick and easy to fix a mistake, make an edit, update a link, etc. 

Plus, when you share your content, you can track every second of every view. In real-time, you can access slide-by-slide analytics to see how your client interacts with your content, e.g., when they opened your content, where they clicked, how many times they viewed it, etc.

This empowers you to understand your client or prospect like never before. When you learn your audience’s unique preferences, you can tweak and edit your content to continue improving their experience over time.

When clients feel understood, that’s when they know they’re with an agent they want to stay with.

Time Constraints

Insurance agents often have a busy schedule, juggling multiple clients and tasks simultaneously. Finding sufficient time to communicate with clients effectively is challenging. Agents need to prioritize client communication, dedicate time for client interactions, and leverage technology to streamline communication processes.

AirDeck helps free up your time and allows you to give your clients the attention they need.

You know the common client questions asked frequently or those that often come up with your products or services. Get in front of these questions with more than an email or document AND avoid another call or meeting. With AirDeck, you can add audio or video voiceover to your document so your client still gets the personal explanation they need, even when you’re not there. 

Then, share your presentation with a single link that your customer can access when it’s convenient for them. No need for a meeting.

Building Trust

Insurance is built on trust and it’s often difficult to build it with new clients or in highly competitive markets. Agents need to demonstrate their expertise, act with integrity, and consistently communicate in a transparent and reliable manner to foster trust with their clients.

With AirDeck, you can easily reach out to your client base to offer your help and support—but in a way that’s convenient for them. This makes your clients feel supported but not suffocated—which will definitely make you an agent they’ll want to stick with.

Season’s greetings, off season’s greetings, newsletters, and thank you’s are great ways to keep your name in mind. Your clients and prospects will be more likely to think of you when they have a question or want to make a change to their coverage. 

Check in when your client needs to file a claim or encounters a natural disaster to ensure they feel supported.

Demystify Documents and Build Trust with AirDeck

Empower your clients to navigate the insurance landscape with confidence. Help demystify complex terminology with personalized documents and eliminate the need for a meeting. Most importantly, ensure your clients feel valued and empowered when you reach out in a supportive and convenient manner. Your thoughtful communication will make you an insurance agent they turn to and recommend. Get started today.

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