AirDeck integrates with your everyday tools

AirDeck’s versatility allows you to integrate with all of your favorite tools and helps enhance your process every step of the way.

CRM Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your AirDeck campaigns with HubSpot and track your audience more effectively.

Improve your audience tracking by seamlessly integrating AirDeck campaigns with Salesforce.

Email Integrations

Share your decks from your personal inbox with our native Gmail integration.

Share your presentations and documents right from your personal inbox with our native Microsoft Outlook integration.

Create a custom email integration to share decks through your own email servers.

Messaging Integrations

Instant notifications from AirDeck and Microsoft Teams mean you'll always know exactly when your viewers are engaged.

Instantly receive notifications from AirDeck to your Slack channels and easily keep track of viewer engagement.

Presentation Tool Integrations

Create the perfect presentation by uploading your Google Slides presentations to AirDeck and add voice, video, and more.

Enhance every Keynote presentation with voice and video by uploading them to AirDeck.

Upload PowerPoint presentations to your AirDeck account and easily add voice and video.

Social Integrations

Share your favorite AirDeck presentations with your friends, groups, and company pages on Facebook.

Seamlessly share your AirDeck content to your LinkedIn connections.

Easily share your AirDeck content to your followers on Twitter.

Video Tool Integrations

Step up your Vidyard campaigns with AirDeck integrations. Add your video content to any deck or slide.

Embed your Vimeo content into any document or presentation with AirDeck.

Embed any existing YouTube content into your AirDeck documents and presentations.

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