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Microsoft Teams and AirDeck

Instant notifications from AirDeck and Microsoft Teams mean you'll always know exactly when your viewers are engaged.
product mockup of notifications being sent to Slack and Microsoft Teams from AirDeck

Receive instant notifications from AirDeck

Never miss out on actionable notification insights once you connect your AirDeck account to Microsoft Teams. Get instant notifications when a viewer opens your deck, sends a chat message, completes a survey, or provides their contact information.

AirDeck settings panel for Microsoft Teams integration

Key Features

  • Instant notifications
  • Daily & Weekly notification reports
  • Team-wide or personal integration

How to Get Started

  • Log in to your AirDeck account
  • As an admin of your AirDeck TEAMS account, access the integrations panel within the settings
  • Follow the steps in our knowledge base article

Engage your viewers

  • Narrate anything

    Record audio and video over any presentation or document and make sure that nothing is left to interpretation.

  • Share seamlessly

    Share your documents universally with customizable links and permissions, embed codes, social shares, and email.

  • Track engagement

    Easily keep track of which viewers are engaging with your content and which might need follow-ups with AirDeck's in-depth analytics.

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