It’s Not Just for Sales: 5 Ways to Onboard Customers with AirDeck

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When it comes to extending selling capabilities and scaling access to prospects, AirDeck is a go-to resource for guaranteed results.

But it’s not just sales teams who can benefit from the document narration platform—AirDeck is also a boon for Customer Success Managers who need to onboard new customers.

1. Level-Up Your Content Creation

It’s an ever-present fear: boring your customers. But in a world with content overload where our customers’ calendars are often all too full of different presentations, it can be easy to feel lost in the noise.

AirDeck helps you rise above the other presentations cluttering your customers’ inboxes by giving you the means to create interactive content that’s engaging from the first click. Unlike basic PowerPoint presentations, AirDeck enables you to enrich slide decks with audio/video narrations, giving your customers a unique experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

Besides surprising and delighting your viewers, a narrated presentation also helps guide customers to get a clear understanding of your content and its value, helping you shepherd them through the onboarding process with ease.

2. Make Every Presentation a Custom Fit

A key factor in delivering top-tier content is making it personalized. As you guide new customers through your onboarding process, the goal is to develop a bond with them that will yield a strong, enduring relationship with your business. And the foundation of a strong customer/company relationship is personalization.

As you work to onboard scores of new customers, you’ll likely find yourself saying the same thing over and over again—it’s part of the nature of onboarding. But your customers don’t want to hear a rinse-and-repeat, cookie-cutter presentation; they want to know you’re in tune to their needs and wants.

With AirDeck, you can make every presentation you deliver to your customers a custom fit.

For example, with customized audio recordings that address each viewer’s specific tastes, you can cultivate a personal connection that would be simply unachievable with a basic, click-through PowerPoint.

3. Produce Higher Quality in Half the Time

Let’s face it: Onboarding can be an arduous process. Just simply giving every customer your ample time and attention can feel like a momentous task—and there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

For example, you know that creating custom content is at the core of curating a successful onboarding process, but the idea of customizing content for each and every customer can be daunting. This is where AirDeck comes into play to help you and your team level up the quality of your content while trimming down the time to completion.

Oftentimes, there is standard information in your onboarding process that you must deliver to each customer, no matter who they are. Start here. First, create one, high-quality presentation. Then, using AirDeck’s slide-by-slide editing option, you can easily keep your standard content in place but swap out a few select slides to make the presentation a custom fit for each customer. You can also record new audio narration where needed (like the intro and conclusion).

By enabling you to manage decks, sort slides, and record new audio and video all in one place, AirDeck empowers you to create content that wows your customers in just minutes.

4. Share with Customers in a Single Click

From content creation to delivery, AirDeck brings a new level of ease to onboarding processes. No matter how quickly you can put together impressive slide decks, that only solves half the equation. You’re also tasked with presenting that slide deck to each and every customer you’re onboarding—and there are only so many hours in the day for scheduling and carrying out meetings.

AirDeck lets you shift the focus from back-to-back Zoom meetings to narrated presentations that speak for themselves, wherever and whenever. After creating your presentation in AirDeck, you can easily share on-demand access without ever having to send an attachment. Instead, with just a click, your customers will be able to view your presentation on their own timetable—and as many times as they want.

By being able to deliver your knock-out presentation without ever having to be on a call with a customer, you can truly onboard at scale. And once you’re empowered to reach scores of customers at once, you’ll find more time left to focus on other critical onboarding tasks to continue improving relationships and building revenue.

5. Track and Analyze Results

A fully-trackable solution, you can leverage AirDeck throughout your onboarding process from start to finish to help you refine your content over time for continuously improving results.

It starts with AirDeck’s slide-by-slide analytics.

After you send your presentation to your customers, you can track their activity in real-time to see how they’re engaging with your content. For example: When did they open your presentation? How many times did they view it? Which slides did they skip? Which did they view the most?

With this information in hand, you can gain a much deeper understanding of your customers than a simple PowerPoint deck could deliver. Then use these key insights to tweak and perfect your presentation, sculpting it to your customers’ known tastes and preferences so you can better guide them through the onboarding process for optimal results.

You may have already seen results with AirDeck for sales, but the document narration platform isn’t a one-trick pony. For more insight on leveraging the tool for onboarding, schedule a demo.

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