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It's Time To Enhance Your Resume

Resumes or CVs have long held an important place in the employment experience. They help us tell our tale and inform prospective employers about the things we’ve done and the work we’re capable of performing.

But resumes are also largely ignored. And since the average hiring person spends just a few seconds with any given resume, it’s impossible on that single sheet of paper to stand out from the dozens (if not hundreds) of people who have also applied for the job.

Left with no way to differentiate, job seekers can only hope that something — anything — on their resume sparked some interest.

Enter AirDeck Resumes

AirDeck Resumes is a new solution that helps businesses find the best candidates for the job before they even hold an interview. With AirDeck Resumes, job applicants can add video or voice narration to their resumes to provide context to their experience and extra information on why they’re the best for the job.

Companies also benefit from AirDeck Resumes. Instead of hiring managers trying to find uniqueness in a wave of decidedly derivative resumes, they can instead hear applicants tell their stories and find the best people for the job.

AirDeck Resumes is the future of resumes. It’s here. It’s available to all. And it’s ready to revolutionize both the way people apply for jobs and how companies evaluate candidates.

  • Narrated Resumes

    Easily add narration to your resume and provide a personalized walk through of your career profile.

  • Resume Sharing

    Share with prospective employers, recruiters, or even your friends and family. All without any attachments.

  • Resume Tracking

    Easily keep track of which viewers are engaging with your resume, and get instant notifications when your resume is opened.