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Whether you’re launching a new business or refreshing your brand, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Looka to help you bring your content to life.

Add personalized audio or video to any document or presentation including:

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  • Unlimited decks
  • Custom tracking links
  • Advanced analytics
  • Slack & MS Teams integrations
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"If I'm looking to raise $100,000 for a platform, I want to use the software that's going to help me get there. I sent my AirDeck to five investors and closed four out of the five."
Rob Tye
Founder of Expert Needs

How AirDeck Brings Your Vision to Life

Deliver an engaging experience

Deliver your company’s story and captivate your audience with the power of narration. Let pitch decks, sales proposals, and marketing materials speak for themselves.

gif of a woman speaking over a pitch deck presentation using AirDeck

Personalize with your voice

Humanize your message and provide context and clarity with audio and video that comes directly from you.

Scale your communication

Ensure consistent messaging when you repurpose and scale your content. Simply keep your standard content in place, then swap out a few select slides to make the presentation a custom fit for each viewer. You can also record new audio or video voiceovers where needed.

Track viewer engagements

Learn how your viewers interact with your content – when they opened it, how long they engaged, what resonated with viewers the most, and improve your content with data.

Engage your viewers

  • Narrate anything

    Record audio and video over any presentation or document and make sure that nothing is left to interpretation.

  • Share seamlessly

    Share your documents universally with customizable links and permissions, embed codes, social shares, and email.

  • Track engagement

    Easily keep track of which viewers are engaging with your content and which might need follow-ups with AirDeck's in-depth analytics.

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