Create Amazing Multimedia Pitch Decks with AirDeck Software

AirDeck makes it easy to add voice-over, audio, and video to PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Sheets to create personalized multimedia pitch decks.

The above presentation is a finished AirDeck presentation. Imagine the amazing sales presentations you’ll be able to make with AirDeck. Create a free AirDeck account now.

Create consistent on-demand pitch deck presentations

The days of cold calling are gone. Sales teams must now find ways to communicate their message to leads without having to constantly set up meetings. AirDeck helps you save valuable time while also removing the stress of making mistakes when giving a live presentation. And, you can easily keep your branding consistent for your sales team by storing a recorded baseline AirDeck pitch deck rather than starting from scratch each time.

Let your prospects watch your pitch deck presentation when it’s convenient for them. No longer do you have to worry about scheduling live calls with international leads in different time zones. Simply send them your on-demand AirDeck pitch deck and they can watch it when it’s convenient for them. If you made a mistake or forgot something, you can quickly edit it in the AirDeck cloud before your prospect sees it. If you want to protect confidential information lock your AirDeck pitch deck with a password.

Personalize your message to win more deals

With AirDeck, sales teams are able to quickly and easily add a personalized message to their presentation to better connect with their prospect (text, voice-over, or video). Simply create your baseline presentation in the AirDeck studio and then replace one or two slides with a personalized message to a specific person or target audience. No need to go through the hassle of editing a video. With AirDeck, your content can be edited and sent out in minutes. Increase engagement by adding surveys and chatting with your leads while they watch your AirDeck presentation in real-time.

Analyze your results

With AirDeck’s reporting tools, sales teams can see exactly who viewed their presentation, how long they spent viewing each individual slide, and where in the world they viewed it from. By knowing how much time they spend viewing each slide, it tells you what’s most important to your target audience so you can perfect your messaging and focus on what sales point to close with.

Coach your sales team

Use AirDeck as a coaching tool for your sales team. Listen to recorded presentations to improve your sales process. Use AirDeck’s reporting tools to understand what slides are working best with your prospects. You can also use AirDeck for on-demand sales onboarding and training sessions for new hires by creating a training series. This will save you countless hours on sales training and onboarding.

Scale your sales process

Take one salesperson and let them do the work of 20. You can create 20 personalized presentations in the time it would take you to do one 15 minute call. With so many sharing options, global audiences are easy to reach. Send your pitch out over email, share it on social media channels, or embed it on your website or blog. Collect viewers’ names and emails to generate new leads.

Close the deal faster

With all of this saved time and increased engagement in your pitches, close deals faster. On-demand narrated sales pitches means less miscommunication, less back and forth, and less waiting time. Get questions answered fast with live chat, without spending so much time on the phone. Send out a personalized overview after your sales call so they can send the information out to the rest of their team. No miscommunication, and no missed deals.


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