4 Ways to Create an Exciting Online Presentation

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Find tips on how to create an engaging online presentation that captures your audience’s attention. We list the best tools and ways to design your presentation.

online presentation illustration

Create An Engaging Online Presentation with These 4 Tips

Online presentations are quickly becoming the most popular way to share thoughts and ideas. And how you structure your presentation could determine how it functions, how your audience responds, and how your presentation ultimately connects.

However, with so many presentation options available, creating an online presentation can be overwhelming. It may seem like every presentation tool promises the best features and delivers the best services. So many options can make your decision even harder. Creating an online presentation doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Instead of wasting your time searching through different websites to figure out the best way to create an online presentation, look no further than this page.

Below, you will find a list of the best ways to create your online presentation. From finding the right tool to adding narration to your presentation, these tips and services will help you set your presentation up for success. Read on to learn more:

1. Find the Right Online Presentation Maker for the Job

These online tools will help you create stunning presentations in minutes:

Google Slides

Google Slides is a free presentation tool that allows you to create presentations in the cloud. You can choose from generic templates and graphics. You can also incorporate animations, GIFs, images, and audio.

Best of all, you can edit your Slides presentation through the app from any device.

Prezi Present

Prezi is another excellent tool that allows you to create or edit animated presentation content. You can use Prezi’s animation effects to jump around from one section to another. And you can use Prezi to add images and other graphics to your presentation.

Since Prezzi lives in the cloud, you can quickly make changes and edits from any device. Even better, it’s free!


Canva allows you to edit or create presentations with a variety of customizable templates and graphics. You can easily add videos, music, animations, GIFs, images, and third-party content to presentations.

Also, a paid Canva subscription gives you access to premium resources and professional help with your presentation content.


AirDeck is a great way to create dynamic and easily trackable presentations, whether or not you built your presentation in another tool or opt to start from scratch. And AirDeck sorts your slides to your needs with easy navigation and lets you embed a video directly into your show.

You can also showcase your creations to others. AirDeck makes it easy to share files anywhere. For example, you can share your presentation via email, social, or direct link. You can also embed your presentations on other websites and blogs. No attachments needed!

And don’t forget about our tracking. You can see who’s viewing your presentation and when with AirDeck analytics and reporting.

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2. Develop an Engaging Design to Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Crafting a compelling design is critical. Don’t fall into the trap of using dull colors or mismatched slide templates. These small mistakes could cost your audience’s attention, leaving them distracted from the message and content you aim to connect them with.

Consider developing a design that uses graphics, images, and bright colors that connect with your audience. Remember, an appealing design will go further than you think to engage your audience.

Remember AirDeck while designing your presentation. AirDeck automatically sorts your content slide by slide and allows you to personalize your presentation in seconds.

3. Make Your Online Presentation Shareable

Shareability could save you time and mitigate miscommunication. Sharing presentations with individuals and groups of people is far more efficient than sending tedious emails that could get lost or sent to spam.

Making your presentation sharable also allows your team members and audience to stay on the same page. Avoid wasting time tracking down who does or doesn’t have access to your presentation.

Sharing and collaborating with others is at the core of the AirDeck experience. With advanced analytics and immediate reports, you can use AirDeck to see who views your presentations — and when.

Best of all, AirDeck works with Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDFs. Even if you start elsewhere, you can always take your presentation to the next level with AirDeck.

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4. Add Audio and Video Narration to Improve Your Presentation

Coherent audio or video narration goes a long way in helping you connect with your audience.

Unsure of when you would need narration? Say you want to share your presentation before meeting with your audience at a later date. Or you are unable to meet but still need to present your content. You will find that narration enhances engagement with your presentation in these cases.

Consider using AirDeck’s presentation tools to easily add audio or video narration to engage with your audience. For example, you can use AirDeck to video record yourself and narrate your slides.

In addition, there is an option to add audio narration from professional voice-over actors and graphic designers. AirDeck’s team is ready to help you refine your presentation and make it stand out.

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