Learn how the combination of Arrows and AirDeck can supercharge your customers' onboarding experiences.

How to Level Up Your Onboarding with AirDeck and Arrows

Onboarding is a critical component in any company’s attempt at building strong and valuable customer relationships. The better the onboarding process and the richer the experience, the happier (and more profitable) the customer.

Both AirDeck and Arrows deeply understand the outsize opportunity effective onboarding can have for a company. Those who are best at onboarding customers are more successful. And most of those companies know that in order to improve onboarding, it needs to be done in ways that save time, create efficiencies, maintain productivity, and ultimately allow onboarding specialists to maximize their time on the things that matter.

Onboarding specialists and customer success managers have therefore turned to AirDeck and Arrows for help. AirDeck’s unique ability to deliver bespoke presentations that save onboarding specialists time and Arrows’ slate of features that aim at improving the onboarding process and timeline by arming customer success managers with an action plan has made onboarding specialists’ lives much easier.

But there is an even better way. The collaboration between AirDeck and Arrows pairs two specially designed onboarding tools into a singular solution for onboarding customers more effectively and with far fewer headaches. And here’s how the combination of AirDeck and Arrows does it.

Using AirDeck to Onboard Customers

 AirDeck is a market leader for onboarding specialists and customer success managers that want to save time and improve productivity. With AirDeck’s help, companies can easily upload PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, and a host of other file formats, and create a bespoke solution for communicating with customers.

AirDeck lets users apply audio and video narrations to each slide, allowing them to create a single slide deck and swap narration to tailor presentations to each recipient. AirDeck also comes with full tracking and analytics features, so users can quickly see who viewed their presentation, how many slides they viewed, and more.

AirDeck has saved customer success managers countless hours of time by streamlining the onboarding process. Instead of needing to hold multiple meetings and create entirely new presentations with each customer interaction, onboarding specialists and customer success managers can swap out their narration, tailor their slides to the user, and send it off for viewing later on.

The result? Fewer meetings and more productive customer success managers.

Arrows for Onboarding

Arrows similarly creates an outsize opportunity for onboarding teams to onboard far more effectively.

Arrows provides onboarding teams with a customer-facing action plan that’s deeply integrated with the onboarding pipeline in their CRM. At the center of the Arrows experience is a shared plan that includes all the phases and tasks that need to be completed for a customer to be successfully onboarded. Arrows is an ideal choice for onboarding teams who want to unblock customers stuck in their onboarding pipeline.

Better yet, Arrows ensures your team and customers always have a shared understanding of what they need to do next to move from signed contract to activated and successful while providing detailed insight into where customers are getting stuck in the pipeline.

The Secret Sauce: AirDeck and Arrows

 But as useful as AirDeck and Arrows have become for onboarding specialists, it’s when they’re used together that customer success managers can truly harness onboarding at another level.

One of the clearest ways AirDeck and Arrows work so well together is in Arrows’ actions. Onboarding teams can (and should) add AirDeck presentations to their actions list. In doing so, teams can create narrated AirDecks that provide walkthrough information on how to implement a product, use features, and more.

The benefit is immediate: instead of customer success managers needing to create multiple presentations that they present to customers each time they interact, they can instead create a single AirDeck, swap out a narration here or there, and make it available to customers through Arrows. That not only saves them time but allows for customers to view the content on their own schedule.

Arrows users are also taking advantage of AirDeck’s industry-leading analytics and tracking features that tell customer success managers which slides customers are most likely to view and interact with, and with whom they’re sharing data. That ultimately results in more insight into how to onboard and what factors really matter to customers and what factors do not.

It’s perhaps best to view Arrows as a shared action plan to unstick customers stuck in the onboarding pipeline. And AirDeck, with its unique set of features, delivers valuable insights into training, customer activity, stakeholder involvement, and broader reporting.

More than anything, the combination of AirDeck and Arrows saves onboarding specialists time and helps them focus more on the task that matters most: onboarding.

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"More than anything, the combination of AirDeck and Arrows saves onboarding specialists time and helps them focus more on the task that matters most: onboarding."
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